1 Boxing Day Project

After a long weekend of celebrating with friends and family (and generally just relaxing and doing a whole lot of nothing aside from eating, drinking, singing Christmas carols, and opening presents), Tod and I decided to kick off Boxing Day yesterday morning by doing something productive, i.e., a quick home improvement project.

I finally (after years of begging, literally) talked Tod into replacing the dirty, paint-splattered overhead light fixture in his bathroom . . . 

Please disregard the yellowing fan grill; I promise that's next on the list of things to tackle. 

. . . with something clean and more modern . . . like the fixture pictured below. (When my mom tried this fixture in her kitchen a few months ago but ended up not liking it, she graciously passed it on to us free of charge, making this home improvement project one of the least expensive projects we have ever tackled.)  

And since Tod and I have changed a light fixture before (remember this post?), our little Boxing Day project only took us about half an hour. 

The results, while not necessarily life changing, are still pretty great if you ask me. Don't you agree?


2 It's beginning to feel

. . . a lot like Christmas!

You know, with Roscoe in his antlers . . .

and Zelda in her Santa sweater.

With a dressed-up dining room table . . . 

and lots of Christmas cards in the mail! 

I love Christmas cards, and although I've totally dropped the ball on sending any this year (Sorry! I've had a few things going on!), every single card I've received has made me smile.

And since smiling is a good thing, I decided to display my cards in a way that would maximize their smile-creating potential. I simply cut pieces of twine, tied them to the curtain rods in my dining room, and attached the cards to the twine with clothespins. Umm, yes, it's that easy. A first grader could do it. No fancy Christmas card display contraption required.

The stockings are hung by the chimney television with care. There's room for an extra stocking or two this year . . . .

My ancient plastic Santa is all lit up . . . 

That picture made Santa look much larger than he really is. You can get a better idea of his size from this picture.

My tiny gold tinsel tree has been trimmed . . . 

with colored lights and old photographs and a string of buttons . . . 

as well as my new all-time favorite ornament. Recognize someone special?

Is it beginning to feel a lot like Christmas at your house, too? I sure hope so.



2 Big Apple

This is the last picture taken of me prior to Tod's proposal. Lovely, I know.
Although the Charleston airport was definitely the highlight of our trip, we still had a great time in the Big Apple. We ate. We drank. We stared at my ring. We visited with dear friends. We stayed out late. We shopped. We stared at my ring. We held a new baby. We watched Ty Pennington try on clothes. And did I tell you that we stared at my ring? 

And you know me, so you know I took lots and lots of cheesy photos! I thought you might like to see some of them, so here you go, in no particular order. And I'll try to minimize the commentary.

Here's the obligatory aerial view. Taking pictures like this always reminds me of my dad; he used to whip out his fancy camera during takeoff and landing to take photos like this.

And here's big city Tod, who is positively glowing with the pride of having just successfully proposed to his girlfriend of eight years. 

We celebrated our engagement with a pitcher of PBR and an amazing meal at The Meatball Shop. It was perfect. And now we want to open one of these in Charleston. A place like this would kill it here.

Eating a bagel made in Brooklyn was on our list of things to do (along with hitting Mood Fabrics of Project Runway fame, which we also did). Bagels made in Brooklyn are delicious.

We spotted the Brooklyn Bridge while visiting some friends.

And we strolled the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and took in the scenery, which included a beautiful 3-week-old baby . . . 

We walked past the filming of something. Who knows what?

Hold up, let's take a look at that beautiful 3-week-old baby again . . . 

See, I told you we watched Ty Pennington try on clothes. Hilarious. (He's in the corner of the left photo, and no, he's not very modest about displaying his upper body. We saw more of Ty Pennington than was necessary to be completely honest. And I took these photos rather surreptitiously if I do say so myself. I acted like I was taking pictures of random things for sale and then I just happened to catch him in the background. I've tried to crop out the random things for your Ty Pennington viewing pleasure.) 

I love this photo. So much. 

But not as much as I love this man. Oh, did you just throw up in your mouth a little? Sorry. I just got engaged. You'll have to forgive me. 

I hand Tod the camera and it most often comes back with pictures like this. He thinks they're artistic. Sometimes they are. Sometimes they're not. But I like this one because it captures my friend Emily perfectly, I think.

We ate brunch at a place called Peels. It was delicious. And I want to decorate my kitchen like the restaurant: honey pine with lots of slate gray and grass green, and a few bursts of sunshine yellow here and there.

Why yes, you are looking at $20 worth of mimosas. 

See, doesn't this look delicious? Who can resist a biscuit with scrambled eggs, muenster cheese, and avocado? I cannot.

Tod had the shrimp and grits. I know, you're not supposed to take sand to the beach. But it's always fun to get another take on something, and Peels' shrimp and grits includes a fried egg on top and plenty of chorizo. So it wasn't exactly like taking sand to the beach. 

We checked out a gigantic restaurant supply shop. Look at Tod's face; can you say kid in a candy shop?

We also checked out The High Line, which is a public park built on an old, elevated, freight rail line on the city's West Side. Very cool.

After wandering along The High Line, we met Tod's cousin for drinks at The Standard Hotel's beer garden, which is amazing.

We could not resist the photo booth. I mean, come on? Can you blame us?

We gathered with old friends for a marriage celebration! 

And we enjoyed music in Washington Square Park on Sunday morning before having brunch at The Dutch.

Here's brunch.

Now don't you think every blog post should end with a picture of fried chicken? Yeah, I'll see what I can do about that.
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