2 Rug on a Wall

Who doesn’t love Sunday night home improvement projects (especially after a weekend spent at an out-of-town, family wedding)? Well, I can think of a few people. Nevertheless, my negotiation skills must have been in rare form yesterday because I actually talked him into this one.

I had been looking for a suitable curtain rod (i.e., one that he would like) for this project for a while, and the stars must have aligned because we just happened to stumble across these yesterday in Tuesday Morning. They are indoor/outdoor black wrought iron, and I think they're quite handsome.

Exhibit 1: Two curtain rods of different lengths and two packages of 7 curtain rings from Tuesday Morning. (When I’m not 100% sure about a size, I go ahead and buy both and return the incorrect one later. I’ve gone home too many times with a size of something that I just could’ve sworn would do only to discover that it does not, in fact, do. So now I buy ‘em both and return later.) 

For you cost counters out there, the shorter rod was $14.99, and the longer rod was $19.99. Each package of rings was $3.99. 

A few years ago at the same auction house where I found the free chairs (but on a different day), we ended up going home with a dirty, old Persian rug that we won for something like 40 or 50 bucks. (Not many folks raised their hands for this one because it seems that most people prefer to buy rugs without holes in them. Go figure.)  
The rug lived on the floor like a regular rug for a while, but I knew his floor days were coming to an end when I finished vacuuming one day and discovered that I had that Weezer song, Undone -- the Sweater Song, stuck in my head.  You know:
"If you want to destroy my sweater
Pull this thread as I walk away.
Watch me unravel I’ll soon be naked
Lying on the floor, Lying on the floor
I’ve come undone."

So anyway, one day we folded him up and tucked him away in the closet until we could come up with a good alternative use for him.  Then, I went home recently and saw that my mom had solved a very similar problem (with another dirty, old Persian rug that she inherited from who knows where) by simply hanging it on the wall, museum style. Of course! She's a design genius! Rugs literally are works of art so why not slap this one up on the wall too?

We easily found the perfect spot over the bed (on a completely blank wall) so then it was just a matter of measuring properly. When the battery-powered-laser-level-thingamabob didn’t work out as well as he thought it would, we went with my style, which requires simply looking at the wall and picking a place to make a hole, wabi-sabi-style. (I prefer not to measure before I hang things, which can definitely lead to Swiss cheese walls, but thankfully, someone else has already invented spackling paste.) 

To his credit, although he was worried that the rod would end up hanging crooked (or worse, that the rod would not go through the brackets), he trusted my wabi-sabi eye, and we did not have to make any extra holes. It did take a bit longer than the 10 or 15 minutes that I told him it would take, but I got him a cold beer when he asked for one. (And honestly, he really should know by now that my time-telling skills are severely lacking; I think doing everything will take only ten or fifteen minutes.)

Our sweet girl, Heidi, was on hand to help even though loud noises are not her favorite thing. Our other sweet girl, Zelda, was on hand too, but she is not a big helper when it comes to home improvement. (Her idea of helping is running off with the trash and eating it under a piece of furniture some place where we cannot find her.)

So here you go, the finished project. What do you think?  Yes, you love it? Or no, you're pretty sure that only crazy people hang dirty rugs on their walls? 

Crazy or not, I just love thinking about all the people over all the years who've walked across those faded threads. 


Anonymous said...

omg what a fab. rug, the ratty rugs are the most valuable. love the gorgeous rug. seriously. and....oh-my-did i laugh and laugh and laugh at the description of your "method". nothing like a Sunday p.m. project. sounds like your mom inspires you a bit? is she a goof ball? bet i would like her.

DesignGirl said...

love it, but is his bed really that low?!?

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