2 Brick Church

On our way home from our strawberry picking adventure yesterday, we took a slight detour to stop by the most beautiful old church near present-day Mayesville, the Salem Black River Presbyterian Church, commonly known as "Brick Church." 

According to the historical marker on the property, the church was originally established in 1759 by Scotch-Irish settlers on a tract of land given by Captain David Anderson. The original log meeting-house was replaced by a frame building and named Salem Presbyterian Church in 1768. Then, the first brick church was built in 1802 and was used until 1846, when the present church was built from bricks made on the grounds.


Look at these ancient bricks that surround the foundation of the church. (I don't think even the fine folks at Crayola could recreate such beautiful colors.)

And check out the gorgeous Spanish moss. It may be chigger heaven, yes, but it's also undeniably beautiful. Spanish moss growing on a live oak, now that feels like home to me.


* said...

I love the other side of the sign at the cemetery entrance, too!

Nan said...

Me too, but unfortunately the pic I took of it did not turn out well.

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