3 Transformation Update

Remember how I told y'all that my sister is in the middle of single-handedly transforming her baby's nursery, which once was a closet, into an uber-organized and stylish closet/office? Well, I asked her to give me an update and to send me some pictures. She's still in the "during" phase because work has been hectic and the children are on spring break, but she has finished painting the desk items. It took two coats of primer and two coats of paint, and now she must wait patiently for everything to dry. 

Knowing my sister, I'm pretty sure that it's taking all (and I mean all) of her willpower not to just pop those drawers in, screw on the knobs, and lug all of that furniture into the closet so she can set it all up and move on to the next step. But she tells me that she's being patient. (It would be a real bummer to end up with a sticky, messy desk, so letting everything dry completely really does seem like a good idea.)  

She also sent me a picture of some trash pile items that she found, although she's not sure whether she's going to use them. (Yes, I admit it, we are trash-pile hunter-gatherers, although not the crazy hoarding type if I do say so myself. Honestly, you'd be amazed at some of the trash-pile goodies we've found. In fact, I think I'll just have to do a separate post on our trash-pile goodies so maybe you'll believe me.)

Finally, she sent me a picture of some fabric, but I'm not sure what her plan is with this. I'm guessing it's for a curtain in the new room? Or maybe she's not even sure what her next step is. Inspiration can be funny like that; sometimes you don't have any until all at once you do. Regardless, I'm excited to see the finished product of her room transformation, and I'll be sure to share it with you, too.


Anonymous said...

I wondered how your sister's project was coming along. Life does get in the way, but her stuff looks very interesting and smart - guess she takes after you and your mom. Are you the baby sister or the big sister? Trash piles are the best way to recycle. You know - another's man's treasure thing. kiup

Nan said...

She does take after her mom. And I guess I take after both of them because I'm the baby. Does "kiup" mean "keep it up" -- I'm a bit behind on my text speak!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Nan kiup - I made it up. So, can you get this one? kuptgw ? I made it up too.

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