2 Who's Your Farmer?

So it suffices to say that we had an awesome time at Willard Farms today. In fact, I think I'll just let the pictures do most of the talking.

We hopped in the car (leaving the dogs behind this time) and drove about 20 minutes into the country to get there. In our opinion, a beautiful drive on a Sunday afternoon is a treat in itself.

That's right, strawberry picking and ice cream. Yep, they pretty much had me at hello. (And yes, I decided to spare you the cheesy head-in-the-strawberry-holes photos that you know we took.)

Surely everyone knows that you do your very best strawberry picking right after you polish off an entire root beer float.

After satisfying our appetites (and doing so with delicious food I might add), we headed into the rows with a bucket apiece for picking.  

We were in strawberry-picking heaven: blue skies, warm sunshine, a cool breeze, and beautiful, ready-to-be-picked berries as far as our eyes could see. I only ate a couple while I picked, I promise. It's just so hard to resist them when they're sun-warmed and fresh-from-the-Earth. What a treat.

Okay, now get this. When we set out for the farm this afternoon, we were just in search of a place to eat lunch and pick strawberries. (Check and check.) What we didn't know was that Willard Farms also has some pretty great outdoor toys (for children and adults alike), such as a blob in the ground (I've only ever seen one of these in water), a giant dirt mound with built-in tube slides, and rubber ducky races. We simply couldn't resist.

You better believe I'll be coming back to Willard Farms to pick sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, and whatever else they'll let me get my wannabe-farming hands on. (I'm pretty sure I'm going to have my next birthday party at this place too.) 

Oh, and just so you know, the title of this entry is a tribute to the t-shirt that I just couldn't resist after my Sunday fun-day at the farm. Yes, you guessed it. The front says, "Who's your farmer?" And the back has the Willard Farms logo on it. For some reason, I am such a sucker for random t-shirts, whether they're from concerts, vacations, or my new favorite farm. 


Anonymous said...

looks like you kids had some great fun on Sunday. Big kids, little kids - makes me want to make a strawberry trifle in a big glass bowl and eat the whole beautiful thing. Out little ones would love to pick and play, and of course eat a few pecks. Thanks nester. Always a treat to see what you guys are up to. thanks again.

Nester said...

Yum, strawberry trifle. That's a grand idea. Or parfaits. Like Donkey says in Shrek: "You know what else everybody likes? Parfaits. Everybody likes parfaits."

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