1 Wood Painters, All of Us

This weekend was beautiful, in the way only an April weekend in South Carolina can be (pollen be damned). And one thing that beautiful weather often makes me want to do is paint -- not so much the artistic kind of painting, but rather the I-found-a-piece-of-wood-on-the-side-of-the-road-and-I-have-some-spray-paint kind of painting. 

That being said, I actually do have a plan for this piece of wood that I found by the side of the road and spray painted. And yes, it does involve bottle caps. Depending on the outcome, I may use it as a birthday gift so I'm not going to share any more details just yet. If the project actually turns out how I hope it will, then I'll be sure to share the finished project with you. 

Anyway, back to how beautiful weather makes me want to paint. Interestingly, it appears that this may be a genetic trait after all because I was not the only one to put paint to wood this weekend.

First, my sister, who as I told you is in the midst of a fantastic nursery-to-closet/office makeover, took the opportunity during her little ones' napping hour to prime the matching bedside tables (with drawers) that will form the base of her new desk. As I previously mentioned, she's using a door as the desktop, and I think it will look great. (After my last post about her project, she told me not to get too excited about the door because, in her words: "It is just a door blank (meaning plain and cheap, without any cutouts). I chose the blank because it's long and narrow like my closet, it's lightweight, it won't crush a child, it's the exact width of the bedside tables I'm using, and it was $17.00."  Those are all good enough reasons for me. Especially the one about not crushing children, which is pretty important in her house.)

Finally, my mom, who is always coming up with special ways to let us know that she's been thinking about us, whipped up this sign for me on an old piece of molding (that likely had been tossed aside on a job site or a trash pile). Does it look familiar? I absolutely love it and cannot wait to find the perfect place in my nest to hang it. (I have not seen it in person yet so I'm not entirely sure, but it looks like there might be a baby Zelda lookalike up there on the righthand corner.)

If you haven't done any painting recently (or ever), I challenge you to pick up a brush (or a can if you prefer) and get to it in this beautiful weather. 


Anonymous said...

M-S-A girl - I so look forward to your blog. Your spirit comes through every word. I have been trying to figure out what your day job might possibly be. I'll bet your are in some kind of sales...

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