0 From Permanent Markered to Professionally Monogrammed

My sister is older than me, which of course means that she got to be an Indian Princess long before I did. (Yes, tears were shed about that. Just imagine a tow-headed, footy-pajama-wearing child staring out the glass front door as her dad and sister drove off to their regular tribal meeting, all the while crying and repeating with the sadness that all left-out little sisters feel at some time: "I want to be an Indian Prin-sa-ness. Why can't I be an Indian Prin-sa-ness, too?")

Well, I had to smile when my sister sent me the pictures of her latest project. Lo and behold, she found her old Indian Princess trunk and decided to give it a makeover. (Note: the trunk also served as a fantastic coffee table for my sister while she was in graduate school, and when my sister got her first dog, also called Sister (which it turns out makes this sentence a bit confusing), the corners of the trunk-turned-coffee-table also served as fantastic teething posts. Too bad this wasn't around for Zelda. Yeah, Zelda went to town on an antique table instead. Go figure.) 

Anyway, back to the project. Because my sister did not have the heart to paint over the artwork from her Indian Princess days of yore, she decided to upholster the trunk.

Here are the necessary supplies:
1 old Indian Princess trunk from storage
1 bag of batting ($4)
1 painter's drop cloth ($6)
5 boxes of black upholstery tacks ($1 per box)

Oh, and don't forget the handsome, blue-eyed assistant.

He helped smooth out the batting by running his favorite cars along it. What a good helper!

And here are the standard, largely self-explanatory "during" photos.

And last but certainly not least, here is a picture of the finished project. 

My sister had the drop cloth monogrammed, which actually was the most expensive part of this project because she had it double stitched for sturdiness since she'll likely be sitting on it. What a great project!

By the way, now I'm curious. Do fathers and daughters still form Indian Princess tribes? Or is that just way too un-PC now? 

PC or not, I sure have some great memories from those father/daughter Indian Princess days. Thanks for all of them, Dad. Every little girl should be so lucky.


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