0 Welcome Home, Tina!

Cousin Tina (the cat) had a very big day today. Why? Because she flew in an airplane (Southwest, of course) all the way from Nashville to Charleston. Yes, it seems that a little bit of Dramamine goes a long way! 

When I told Zelda that we had the honor of picking up Tina and her mom at the airport, she could hardly stand it. We pulled up in the cell phone waiting area, and I showed her how to read the arrivals board. We walked around a bit, took in all of the sights and sounds, and I tell you what, Zelda was on high alert waiting for Cousin Tina.  

"Mom, has Tina landed yet?"
We picked up Tina and her mom at the gate, and everyone got comfortable in the car for the short trip up the road to Pawleys. 

Zelda and Tina enjoyed the chance to sit in the backseat and get reacquainted!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everyone. I hope you all get to spend time with the people (and animals) you love. 


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