0 Who's He?

So, yes, I promise you that making signs on old scraps of wood is a lot more fun than it seems like it would be. (Really, try it before you knock it.) On that note, I'll have you know that the "moving stuff around" sign that my mom made me (see the masthead) has found a great home in my nest, and the "welcome to the Creek Connection" sign that I made for a special beach house has found a great home in its nest! That being said, however, this post is not about either of those signs. Instead, this post is about another thoughtful sign that my precious mom made after reading my crazy blog. If you've read the "About this Blog" page, then perhaps you have read about my admittedly very cheesy hope that this blog, which finds its roots in movement, may help me foster stillness. 

Well, I was showing Tod my pictures from last weekend, and when he saw a picture of the "foster stillness" sign, he said (without even cracking a smile, mind you): "Who's he? That sounds like a guy who could have been a KA at Wofford." Yes, I died. And honestly, I think Foster Stillness the Third probably is a KA somewhere out there. (Unfortunately, what Tod didn't think about before he made his funny comment is that I now know that he hasn't read this blog very thoroughly because otherwise he would have recognized the self-helpy phrase. Men. What can you say?) 

P.S. I could really get used to this whole blogging-on-the-back-deck-at-Pawleys-watching-a-sunset-with-a-cocktail thing. Come to think of it, it's actually a great way to foster stillness. 


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