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Most of the time Zelda really prefers to be the center of attention (I mean, can you blame her?), so although she loves being made famous by the blog, she does not so much love spending time entertaining herself while I work on the blog. (She prefers activities that involve me throwing toys to her, scratching her belly, or feeding her things. She does not enjoy activities that involve me folding clothes, reading, or typing. When I am doing one of the latter activities, she sticks out one paw and bats either me or the laundry/book/computer until I revert back to doing one of the former activities. She's pretty persistent, too.) 

So, to make up for all of the lonely hours I have forced her to spend tossing her toys around by herself with her mouth (all the while hoping to draw my attention away from the Mac screen), I gave her some blogging lessons tonight. She's a natural. (And, of course, now she wants to start her own blog. I'm afraid I've created an animal. Oh, wait, she is an animal. I mean, I'm afraid I've created a monster.) 

Happy Thursday from Nan (and Zelda).


* said...

Best picture ever! (Short of any picture of Heidi.) But shouldn't it be "Happy Thursday from Zelda (and Nan)?" Or should the question mark be outside the quotation mark?

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