2 Tie One On

An apron made of men's dress shirts, that is! My mom recently came across this idea in the summer issue of Fresh Style magazine and decided to give it a try. (The magazine credits Lark Crafts with the idea, and it also can be found in the book Sewn by Hand by Susan Wasinger.)

To complete this project, simply gather some men's dress shirts and pull out your scissors and sewing machine. (Of course you could sew everything by hand as well, but the machine makes this project super easy.) Each apron requires the front plackets of two men's dress shirts, but because my mom plans to make a few of these as gifts, she just picked up several old shirts on half-price day at Goodwill. After washing the shirts, she simply followed the detailed-but-simple directions in the magazine and had a ball making aprons!

Of course, we recognize that you can find some really cute aprons for next to nothing at stores like T.J.Maxx, Marshall's, and Ross these days, but sometimes it's just fun to make your own and maybe even repurpose something you already have. The pockets on these aprons are so handy, and I love the vintage feel of them. They're perfect for cooking, gardening, painting, or even washing the dog! 

Next, not to leave the sleeves out of the fun, my mom borrowed another idea that she saw in Flea Market Style magazine and made wine sleeves, which took her almost no time at all to make. (By the way, old shirt sleeves also make great car armrest covers if you're worried about dirty dog paws and puppy drool like I am.)

Sew the sleeve together (tailor it however you think it looks best), slip in a bottle of your favorite wine, tie a ribbon around the collar, and you've got yourself a darling gift. 

Now that we've discovered cute ways to use the plackets and sleeves of button-down shirts, one question remains: what to do with the collars? Maybe sew them around the necks of baby onesies? Or around the necks of dog t-shirts? (Because we all know that babies and dogs like collared shirts, right?) Have you got any other ideas? If so, please share them in the comments section below. (If you leave me a really good idea, who knows, maybe we'll make a sample and send it to you.) 


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to inform you that the collar is--far and away--the most worn (and dirtiest) part of a used man's shirt, so I'd stay away from it . . .

Nan said...

I don't recommend using nasty, dirty shirts to begin with, silly! I'm always surprised to find things at thrift shops that are in such new condition, so if you're going the thrift shop route, just make sure to pick out shirts that are clean and not overly worn.

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