0 This is South Carolina.

Umm, do you see the black, four-legged creature on the front of this bike? (I know, the picture's not great, but I pulled up next to these people at a stoplight, and I was afraid to pull up much farther since I was taking their picture from my car. And no, I don't ordinarily whip out my camera at stoplights, but the red light lasted for ages, and I really couldn't resist.) 

The black, four-legged creature is, in fact, a dog, and the most shocking part of the story is that when the light turned green, these folks left me in the dust. (The speed limit was 60 if that tells you anything.) This pup did not look restrained, but surely he was, right? 

Well, to each his own, I guess. (But I'm pretty sure Zelda wouldn't last more than 100 yards hanging out on a speeding bike like that.) Sometimes "wow" is all you can say.


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