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As I told y'all here and here, my sister has been in the midst of a bit of a project. Specifically, she has been in the midst of transforming what started out as one of her master bedroom's closets, but then became her littlest one's nursery, back into a closet, but this time with an office included (hence the cloffice/offiset title of this post). And I don't know what y'all think, but I think it looks fab. Here's the rundown.  

This is what the room looked like before all of the transforming took place (when it was one of the master bedroom's closets). Man, what I wouldn't do for a closet that large.

Anyway, after painting the yellow walls a nice neutral color (we really don't do yellow walls in my family, for whatever reason), the closet became a charming nursery for her little one. And although making your baby sleep in a closet is probably not, at least in most cases, a smiled-upon thing to do, this particular closet is huge (I think it's bigger than my kitchen), and there's definitely something to be said for a room where the sun won't wake up an otherwise early-rising baby. (By the way, the picture below is a sibling wake-up call on the little guy's second birthday.)

Notice that they kept one of the shelf units on the wall to hang the little guy's bubbles and jon-jons. (Those are articles of smocked clothing if you're not familiar with those terms.)

 Here's what the room looked like after the little guy moved into his brother's room upstairs.

Nicole moved the hanging unit from the side wall to the back wall, as you can see in the picture below. (Her brown-eyed assistant was enjoying a snack on the floor while she worked.)

And then it was time to bring in the clothes. Seriously, how organized is she? It's hard to believe we're related. 

Check out her little blue-eyed assistant; he's monitoring the progress and making sure she stays on task!

She picked up plastic storage boxes for her shoes from Home Depot for around a dollar apiece, and again, I'm left wondering how we're related. My closet does not look this even when I've just cleaned it out, and I'm pretty sure it never will. Although I will say, my sister does get this whole obsessively-organized-closet thing honestly. Our mom is a big fan of putting shoes in plastic storage boxes (and her boxes may or may not even be labeled).

If you've read my previous posts about the closet transformation, then you may recall the desk that Nicole's been making with a door and some old bedside dressers. This is a picture of the door and the dressers after being primed. Those Barbie jeeps and tricycles are coming in handy!

She picked out a slate gray color called Anvil (Martha Stewart for Home Depot) for the desk. 

Because safety comes first in a house full of little ones (plus, she's got some climbers), Nicole made sure to bolt the door to the backs of dressers.  

Next, to create an inspiration wall behind her desk (an idea she saw on another blog but cannot remember which one), she used some leftover fabric from her bedroom and picked up some foam board, cork squares, and a tube of Liquid Nails. She laid out the foam board and taped it together with packaging tape in a size that fit her fabric remnant. (She used an Exacto knife to cut it to size.) 

Then, using Liquid Nails, she stuck the cork squares on the foam board. (Using the foam and the cork together created a thick enough surface to adhere to the fabric.)

While squirting the Liquid Nails, she rolled the fabric onto the cork a little bit at a time, pulling the fabric tight to remove any lumps. She taped the edge of the fabric to the back of the board and let the whole thing dry overnight.

Here's a shot of the inspiration board in place behind her desk. Using regular nails, she nailed right through to the studs, also being sure to locate the nails on the fabric pattern where they would not really show. 

Funny story about those crepe myrtle lamps: Nicole and I each, unbeknownst to the other, picked up a pair of them from K-mart back in the good old days when Martha Stewart had a line there. So yes, we must be related. And I'm not sure how much she paid for hers, but I paid about $5 a piece for mine because they were on super clearance. (K-mart clearance is the best because the prices that scan at the register are often lower than the marked clearance prices. Come to think of it, that's maybe part of why K-mart's been in and out of bankruptcy over the years. Well, say what you will, but I love me some K-mart.) Currently, my crepe myrtle lamps sit on my desk in my bedroom with red, Japanese-looking shades, but I love the off-white opaque shades. Where'd you find those, Cole? 

Okay, let's check out the other side of the room for a minute. Using the wabi sabi style of hanging, of which I am so fond as you may recall from this post or this one, Nicole hung some of her favorite prints, children's artwork, and blown-up black-and-white photos.  

And if you thought the room was finished there, well then, you were wrong. Because when my sister came across an unfinished, pine bookshelf at Wood You on Woodruff Road in Greenville (which sadly is going out of business), she decided to bring it home to add to the office component of the room. 

She wanted the shelves to be painted lighter on the inside than on the outside, so she picked up samples of coastal fog and raccoon hollow. (Whose job is it to come up with those names anyway? Pretty sweet gig, if you ask me.)

She set a goal last July to read 50 books in a year, and judging by the books on her shelf, I'm pretty sure she accomplished that one.

By the way, I'm completely loving the two-tone paint job on the shelves. And in case you were wondering, the greenish-colored glass knobs on the dressers came from Target.

Finally, here's a shot of the closet today (literally). The trunk that she reupholstered houses her jeans, and she had a cushion made for the bentwood chair at her desk. And remember that little stool in the left corner of the picture below? She picked that up off a trash pile and spray painted it gold. (Yay for spray paint, or as I like to call it, instant makeover in a can!) 

So now that you've seen it, what do you say? Oh, you want her to come to your house and make over your closet next? Well, me too. So you better just get in line.


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I think a shot of your crepe myrtle lamps with the red shades would be the perfect addition to this post!

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