0 Food Truck Rodeo

As I told y’all yesterday, Tod and I (plus Heidi and Zelda) had the good fortune of attending our first ever food truck rodeo last Friday night at Brick House Kitchen on James Island. 
It was hot, but it was fun and totally worth the trip. I mean, good food, good music, and even better people watching -- what’s not to enjoy? Plus, the whole food truck thing just brings back hilarious memories of that summer back in college that I spent driving around the middle of the country in the Bocamobile cooking Boca Burgers. (The Bocamobile is the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile’s meatless, soy-based cousin in case you’re wondering.)
Anyway, we learned some important food truck rodeo lessons, too. For example, maybe a food truck rodeo isn’t the best place for dogs. (Don’t get me wrong; Zelda and Heidi had a great time, what with all the other dogs to greet, the random petting from barefooted strangers, and the dropped scraps of food on the ground, but it’s hard to order, carry, and eat your food when your dogs are pulling you every which way and knocking over your beer.) Also, don’t wait until the crowds arrive to order your food because the lines quickly grow out of control. (Plus, due to the simple fact that a food truck can only hold so much food, you run the risk of the truck running out of the most popular dishes.) So, for our next trip to the rodeo, and I’m sure there will be one, we’re probably going to leave the dogs at home and plan on ordering our food quickly (you know, without wandering around to check out all the trucks and their menus before making up our minds about what sounds good only to realize that the lines have multiplied like the Duggars.)

In addition to food and music, this food truck rodeo came complete with tables of locally-made jewelry for sale.

I love the mint green footboard that this chick is using to display her baubles and bling.

Oh, and don't forget about the hula hoops. For a minute there, we thought we were in Asheville, but the heat and the live oaks brought us back to our senses.

Umm, and do you see the $2 draft Bud Light. Yep, $2. I'd say that's pretty budget-friendly.

Heidi and Zelda really did have a good time. Oh, and do you see those colorful doors in the back of this photo (beside the porta potties)? Well, some dude was back there just spray painting away to his heart's content.

 Tod already told me that next time he's leaving his shoes at home, too. 

And is it just me, or does this guy look a little bit like that "Every Rose Has its Thorn" guy? On second thought, it's probably just his bandana that makes me think that.

If South Carolina had to have two state trees (you know, in addition to the Palmetto), then I'd vote for the live oak. I just love live oaks.

Okay, Zelda, if you promise to be good like this, then I guess we'll take you and Heidi to the food truck rodeo again. 


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