2 Happy Summer

We're in the midst of a happy summer, and that's why when I took a little break from the blog for the Fourth of July, it turned into a full-blown, ten-day blog vacation. But I guess these things happen when you're busy eating Cheetos on the beach and riding bikes in the neighborhood. (I know, I sound like an 8-year-old. But honestly, what's more American than eating Cheetos on the beach or riding your bike to a fireworks-filled picnic on the Fourth? Not much that I can imagine.)

In addition to eating Cheetos and riding bikes, I've been lucky enough to pass the last ten days of happy summer touring the Sea Turtle Hospital at the South Carolina Aquarium and playing in the dirt, among doing other fun things and going to work, of course.

As for the Sea Turtle Hospital, I highly recommend it. I love the Aquarium; it's one of those touristy-but-still-totally-worth-it things to see, and it's so nice that South Carolina finally has a Sea Turtle Hospital. (We used to send our sick and injured turtles to the hospitals in North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and often the trip alone would be too much for the turtles.) This tour of the hospital, which was my second, only further cemented the fact that I better become an early riser by the time I'm old and retired so I can be a volunteer and walk a portion of the beach at sunrise each day searching for sea turtle tracks. (And yes, I'll probably wear sea turtle t-shirts and sea turtle-themed jewelry while I'm doing so, too. You gotta look the part, right?)

If you're interested in learning more about the turtle patients, you can check out the hospital's blog here, but I've included a few of my photos of some of the patients that we got to visit.

You can see that this sweet turtle has lost her right front flipper, but the folks at the hospital are optimistic about her recovery. Also, her eggs have been deposited in a manmade nest on the beach, and hopefully some of them will hatch. 

After we toured the hospital, we also took the opportunity to check out the Aquarium. Who knew that you could spot a wild turkey or an albino alligator at the Aquarium?  Very cool.

And don't worry, ten days away from the blog has not changed the fact that I'm still a total cheeseball who cannot resist posing for a photo with a gigantic iron frog. This particular frog reminded me of those Frog and Toad children's books. Remember those?

As for the playing in the dirt that I mentioned earlier, I headed to Lowe's one afternoon and spent about 25 bucks on plants (the ones on sale, of course). I picked up a red pepper, some lantana, some ivy, a begonia, an iris, a couple of odd ferns, and a few things I didn't even recognize, and I tackled and tamed the mismatched pots out back. It's not much, but it sure looks a heck of a lot better than it did before. 

By the way, remember those orange seeds I sprouted? They've finally hit the dirt.  

(My parents' dog, Penny, looks so cute in her blue sweater that I had to include a shot of her in this photograph of my soon-to-be orange tree.)

I hope you've been having a happy summer, too. What makes a happy summer for you? Eating Cheetos on the beach and riding bikes?

Oh, and be sure to check back tomorrow. My sister has finished her office/closet makeover (cloffice? offiset?), and I've got lots of pictures to share.


Anonymous said...

My happy summer is a G&T on a beach house porch...or a lake house porch...or a screened-in city porch (with a breeze). Sensing a theme? In a perfect happy summer, there would also be cicadas and fireflies. Ah, summer. May you never end. LAJC

Nan said...

I'll ditto that.

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