0 Make your own closet, why don't ya?

When my sister and her family moved into their current house, the master bathroom had an odd nook with exposed shelves beside the bathtub. Because no one really wants to look at stacks of towels and toiletries all the time, my sister did what she does best and figured out how to turn the crazy space into something better. She found some really interesting stained glass doors at the framing gallery and brought them home. When they turned out to be the perfect width for the nook, she asked her carpenter to add some drywall and build a frame for the doors.  

I love these doors. Plus, I'm pretty jealous because I currently do not have a linen closet in my bathroom (so I just deal with baskets of towels and bins of toiletries). Well done, my dear.

By the way, it's a new month so I'm trying out some new fonts on the blog. What do you think?


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