0 My Crepe Myrtle Lamps

Thanks to a lovely comment someone left on my last post, I'm sharing a couple pictures of my crepe myrtle lamps. By the way, this post will make a lot more sense if you've read the last one. 

You probably remember this shot of my sister's crepe myrtle lamps, which are three or four or years old from K-Mart back when Martha Stewart had a line there.  

As I told you yesterday, in contrast to my sister's crisp, opaque, off-white shades, my crepe myrtle lamps are sporting funky, red, Asian-inspired shades.

And as for the rest of it, the lamps are hanging out on my (shabby chic?) enamel-top desk, which either my mom or my sister picked up at the Pickens Flea Market for next to nothing a few years ago. I found the beat-up, white mirror at Goodwill about a year ago for a whopping $6. (I know, big spender here. But I really fell in love with it; it's an old one, which you can tell by the way it was made and by how freaking heavy it is.) The lumpy thing covered in white fabric on the middle of the desk is actually my sewing machine housed inside an old pillowcase. (You cannot really see it in the picture, but the edges of the pillowcase are crocheted and are the handiwork of my great-grandmother.) And the chair, well, it deserves a close-up so go ahead and scroll down.

I actually found the chair in a trash pile on the side of the road at Pawleys Island a few summers ago. The trash pile contained three or four mismatched chairs, but most of them were in pretty bad condition. (This chair was in the best condition of all of the chairs, although it was still fairly beat-up.) Once upon a time it had been painted white, although between the years of use (and maybe misuse) and the salty air, it was worn and scuffed up, and and the seat upholstery was incredibly dirty and musty. Actually, when I took the seat apart, it turned out to have several layers of old upholstery, all of which went straight into the bin. I picked up a couple of cans of scarlet red spray paint (remember, instant makeover in a can), and I went to town. There's one tiny hole in the caning, but the red spray paint actually does a good job hiding it. By the way, I chose scarlet red because my dresser, which also happened to come from a trash pile years ago (right before law school actually), was already that color, and I wanted the pieces to be somewhat cohesive. As for the seat, if you've read my good stuff page, then you know how I feel about animal print. (Every room needs just a little.) So when my mom said she had an extra leopard print pillow case I could use, I knew that would be perfect for the seat. Yay for repurposing things you already have!

So there you have it, a few stories about one wall of my room. 

Now what about you? Have you done any fun repurposing lately? How do you use spare pillow cases? As laundry bags? For collecting Halloween candy? Or for hiding your sewing machine and recovering your chairs? 


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