0 Photo Shoot

Every once in a while, Zelda sits still long enough to let me catch some great shots of her. (Usually, she's running straight for the camera or jumping up and trying to bite it, so the shot ends up being a blur of fur.) 

When she was chilling on the couch the other day, I captured a few cute pictures and thought I'd share them with you. (This post is really for my mom, who I am sure is going through Zelda withdrawal by now since it's been so long since she's seen her.) 

I go crazy when Zelda tilts her head back and forth while I talk to her; it's just so stinking cute. And she must know how stinking cute it is because she always seems to go overboard on the head tilting after she's misbehaved. 

For example, the day before this photo shoot, Zelda had eaten an entire tube of dog toothpaste vampire-style. No lie, while I was folding laundry in my bedroom the day before, this rascal quietly snuck off and found her dog toothpaste in my bathroom and stuck it in her mouth like a bone and ran downstairs with it. Once downstairs with her treat, she hopped up on the couch, punctured the metal tube 50 or so times with her fangs, and then devoured all of the peanut-butter-flavored goodness like a Cullen. Let's just say I may have raised my voice a little bit when I came downstairs and saw what she was doing. (And I'll spare you the details about what peanut butter toothpaste looks like coming out the other end.) Anyway, the day after the toothpaste debacle, I was able to take these pictures, so I think this little girl definitely knows when she needs to turn on the charm. I mean, seriously, who could get mad at a face like that? And you don't have to say it (because Tod already has), but maybe the whole mess was just what I deserved for buying dog toothpaste in the first place. Silly me.

What ridiculous thing has your dog eaten lately? Or do you have any pictures of your pet(s) that you want to share with me? Just email them to me and I'll do a cute pet pictures blog post!  


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