2 Time for another furcut?

I was going through some photos on my computer the other day, and I did a double take when I came across these.

Obviously, they were taken right after Zelda's Mother's Day Makeover. (Remember this post?)

Zelda's fur has grown in quite a bit since those photos were taken. Here are some shots from last Friday when I took Zelda to the vet for her yearly shots. (You wouldn't know it from this photo because it looks like she's smiling, but this little girl is not a fan of going to the vet. She is, however, a fan of posing for photographs.)

What do you think? Is it time for another summer furcut? 

And secondly, is it just me or does my dog have a bit of an astigmatism? Or is she just slightly wall-eyed?

My, how I love this little rascal. (And speaking of rascals, Zelda cannot wait until next week when she gets to meet her new uncles, Rascal Roscoe and Randy Scooter. Yep, two precious pups from the Sumter SPCA hit doggie Powerball last week when they got 'dopted by Tod's folks!)


Anonymous said...

We can't wait either---for a dog hyper enough to entertain Scooter!

Anonymous said...

Baby Z. looks great, furcut or not. You decide. Nan, yes the bed frame at the Re-store may just be yours from the past. Remember how you would hang your legs over the end and just kick those spindles? I do. Yeah. So happy for the new pups in the family. We love to say "from the pound to the percale." Dogs are such fine people. Hugs to Z. and of course to you. kiup

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