2 Crowded House

It turns out that 18 legs under my little roof makes for a bit of a crowded house. 

So, to answer the inevitable questions, was it crazy under my little roof this weekend? 
Yes, most of the time.

And was it loud? 
Yes, some of the time.

But were the dogs the only ones being loud? 
Well, no, not all of the time. I'll admit I raised my voice once or twice. Okay, maybe three times. But only when safety was an issue. Safety always comes first, people.

Was it hot outside? 
Yes, really hot actually.

Did the dogs wake you up at 6:30 each morning? 
Why yes, they did.

Is that insanely early for you? 
Why yes, it is.

And exactly how many walks did you take? 
Umm, more than I can count. Seriously, I really cannot count them all. Let's just say I now understand the draw of a fenced-in yard. But walking is good for the soul, so let's count this as a positive.

So are you exhausted? 
Well, maybe a little bit. 

But regardless of all of that, was it worth it? 
Yes. Totally. Completely. 100%. Worth it. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat because I love these dogs something fierce, and they're always welcome under my roof. 

Now . . . I've got a question for you. Do you want to see some pictures? 
Why yes, you do? 
Awesome. Here goes. (Warning: dog picture overload ahead.)

**And I'm sorry many of these are blurry and under-developed. As I told y'all before, these pups move fast, and many times I was lucky just to catch them in the frame with my little point-and-shoot. I'm also too tired tonight to edit any of these photos for flaws. Oh, and I apologize for the mess you'll see in the background of most of these pictures. I was in the process of cleaning out some closets this weekend, and I just gave up on picking things up when I realized the dogs were likely to just pull something else out or knock something else over. Anyway, I decided to just throw a quilt on the couch and another one on my bed and let the dog fur fly. I promise I'm normally not such a slob. Well, at least most of the time I'm not.

It was love at first sight bite for these two, as you can tell, which I guess is a good thing since they really do have a lot in common.

He looks a bit worn out here, doesn't he? Check out those lovesick eyes.

Oh, wait. Roscoe thinks he has a shot at Zelda's affection, too. She just loved watching the boys fight over her. Typical woman.

When it was time for bed, the big three knew just what to do. (Zelda is still sleeping in her crate downstairs at night, and let's just say she wasn't very happy about that this weekend.) And yes, I'm a grown woman and I still have a few stuffed animals hanging out near my bed. So what? And see that headboard? It's a very heavy, solid wood door from a trash pile. My mom distressed it a bit, and my dad put it on some two-by-fours to turn it into a headboard. I absolutely adore it. Fun facts: My parents actually made this for my sister to use when she was in grad school. Then I used it when I was in grad school. Then my niece used it when she graduated from the crib. Then I got it back a few years ago. In all, it's been attached to king-, full-, and queen-sized mattresses. (You just move the two-by-fours depending on the size of the bed frame.) Free furniture is oh-so-fun.  

I promise this picture is not posed. I came in from brushing my teeth, and Scooter had fallen asleep hugging Roscoe. That's the cutest thing you've ever seen, right?

The boys were very big fans of their walks around (and around and around) the lake. 

They may not have known each other a month ago, but it's pretty clear that they're best buddies now. 

Roscoe is a marker (understatement), which probably explains a lot about his fascination with the lake. You see, there's either a lamppost or a Palmetto tree about every ten feet around the lake, so I'm guessing it's something akin to dog-marking heaven. 

Checking out all the pretty houses . . . . 

Speaking of Roscoe, he definitely earned the key to my heart this weekend. The next time I'm stressed out at work or in traffic, I'm just going to think of him and try to emulate his behavior. Honestly, he is the least stressed, most chilled-out dog I think I've ever met. And sweet just doesn't even begin to describe him. Plus, his adorable ballerina cankles get me every time. Oh, and he goes up and down the stairs like a seal. And wait, when he stretches in the morning, he looks a little like a tyrannosaurus rex giving hugs. I heart him and almost refused to give him back.

Now, don't get me wrong, Scooter also found his way into my heart this weekend. He may be a bit of a handful, not unlike Zelda, but he's sweet and oh-so-affectionate. He wiggles when he walks, and he just couldn't get close enough to me when we slept. I'd wake up and his little head would be on the pillow next to mine, and you cannot help but smile when you wake up with a puppy on your pillow. I'd say that Scooter's curiosity rivals Zelda's, and I think curiosity is a good thing in a dog (it killed the cat, not the dog, remember?), at least when it doesn't involve me cleaning up a mess later. 

Oh, and let's not forget this little lady. In typical first-born fashion, she wasn't sure she wanted all the littles around all weekend. So I made sure to give her some special one-on-one time. We went to her favorite park and ran off-leash. 

And we walked to the Battery, making sure to pass her most-favorite-ever fire hydrant. (Agreed, this is not the most ladylike thing, but she's a bit of a tom-boy when it comes to these things.) 

Why is that her most-favorite-ever hydrant? Well, because it's not even 50 feet from this view of the water. She's got good real estate sense, it seems.

Roscoe loves tennis balls and he usually had one within a few feet. Then, as long as some part of him was touching some part of me (at all times), he was good to go. I swear low maintenance must be his middle name.

Every once in a while, I needed to get away from it all. So, naturally, I'd just stand up on the ottoman and holler at them to settle down. (My neighbors both said they couldn't hear me hollering this weekend, but I'm pretty sure they were lying.)

No room for me on this couch. And don't you just love Heidi's expression in these pictures? It's like awkward family photos: dog edition.

Aww, such sweet sisters.

I tried to get a group photo of everyone looking at me, but I could only get three.

See, you simply cannot resist his adorable ballerina cankles.

Or his mellow mushroom temperament.

Time for some more showing off for the young lady. I love how Zelda's just sitting there with a front row seat taking it in; I imagine she's quietly whispering to them: "Wait, boys, don't fight over me. Okay, well, if you must."

Roscoe and Scooter, I know I speak for Zelda when I say that we look forward to seeing you again very soon. Thanks for making our weekend so much fun!

And if this dog picture overload just stressed you out, well, I did warn you in advance so next time you should believe me when I tell you something.


Anonymous said...

Nan - 2 words - PUBLISH THIS.

I would like your blog followers to understand that you did not have any dogs growing up. (sorry) Smitten? Yep you are. I truly did not see it coming. (HUGE smile) kiup

* said...

Maybe your best post yet!

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