2 Fabric Junkie

I love fabric. In fact, I might go so far as to call myself a fabric junkie. Although anyone who knows my mom or my sister knows that I get my love of fabric very honestly. It's just in the jeans, I mean, genes. (Lame word joke, I know. But in addition to loving fabric, it seams, I mean, seems, that I'm a seersucker for really lame word jokes. Did I go too far with that last one? Yeah, I thought sew, I mean, so. Oh. My. Gosh. Someone stop me. Please.) 

Anyway, I usually have big plans for the material that I collect (cough, hoard). 

When my big plans take off, the floor around my sewing machine often looks a little something like this. (Don't worry, when I don't have time for sewing, I keep my fabric neatly folded and tucked away in plastic bins so at least I'm not a total crazy person.) 

And if the sewing gods smile upon me, I somehow figure out how to turn the mess you see above into something a bit more organized (see below). It still needs to be pressed and backed, but I'm sure you get the idea.

One of these days, maybe I'll graduate from sewing baby quilts to sewing clothes, but for now I'm just having too much fun making these for my friends' little ones. 


Anonymous said...

Nette - I have two very precious friends that now call me "material girl". I hoard, but then I share, and so do you. I will take photos of the cloth outlet in Williamston next time we go - gotta feed the material girls' habit. kiup

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is adorable. What a lucky baby girl to receive a handmade quilt. Did you take Home Ec. in high school? Oh that's right, only us old-schoolers know what home economics is, rather, was. Sorry.

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