1 I Love You Greenville

Tod and I took a quick trip to Greenville this past weekend to spend some time with my family, and if you haven't been to downtown Greenville recently, I highly recommend it. It's simply beautiful. 

On Saturday morning, we woke up and walked a portion of the Swamp Rabbit trail, making sure to hit the farmers' market on Main Street as well as an artists' market in the West End. We also checked out the amazing new baseball stadium (Fluor Field--home of the Greenville Drive) and the beautiful Liberty Bridge in Falls Park. Here are some photos from our walk, in no particular order really.

I'd like to learn to make metal things . . . to be a metalsmith . . . to forge metal . . . um, whatever you call it. 

And I'd love to try my hand at the pottery wheel. Maybe I'll sign up for some classes, you know, since I have so much free time (sarcasm).

This artist apparently said to heck with throwing pottery and just starting using around-the-house items as molds. Recognize the Sue Bee honey jar? Or my personal favorite, the Downy ball? Because everyone needs a clay Downy ball . . . . 

Okay, I'll stop being sarcastic now. I really liked these drawings of local landmarks and pretty houses. Having the artist draw one for someone (of his or her house or some other special location) would make a very thoughtful gift, I think.

And although I'm not exactly sure what I would do with one of these hanging, stained glass thingamabobs, I really liked looking at them. They were mesmerizing.

This is the one storefront in the West End that looks exactly the same as it did when I was a little girl, the Army & Navy Store.

The peaches and watermelons were out in full force at the farmers' market.

And Falls Park was breathtaking (as usual).


Y'all know how much I love Charleston, but Greenville will always be where I'm from. And yes, I know I just ended that sentence with a preposition. But since I am from Greenville, I just don't think it would be right to say it any other way. 


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