1 Just Call Me Sgt. Pepper

Remember the gorgeous peppers at the farmers' market that I showed you in my last post? (Scroll down if not.)

Well, check this out. 

I just went out back to take my recycling bins to the curb for pick-up tomorrow, and on my way back inside, this little beauty caught my eye. 

It wasn't until the end of last week that I even noticed the first blooms, so I definitely wasn't expecting a pepper quite so soon, which means that, yes, I squealed a little bit when I saw him hiding under the leaves after the rain. I'm delighted. And I figure, heck, even if I just get one or two peppers from this plant, it will have paid for itself, right? (Have you noticed how expensive peppers are at the grocery store by the way?) Oh, and did I mention that I'm delighted? That, in itself, makes it worth it if you ask me. 

Have you grown anything delightful this summer?


Anonymous said...

Nan, oh pretty pepper indeed. Did you buy this plant with your other "rescue plants" purchase? Good call, green thumb girl. kiup

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