1 Puppy Love

Tod just dropped off Heidi, Scooter, and Roscoe at my house, so the puppy party has officially begun! 

Before Tod left, we took a quick walk to the park so everyone could get comfortable and take in the local sights and smells. I told the guys and gals to enjoy it because I'm pretty sure it will be the last group walk of the weekend because you better believe I'll be walking everyone in shifts. I'm not the most coordinated human, and I love my hips, my ankles, my wrists, and pretty much all my other bones too much to take a chance on holding more than one leash per hand! 

Tod's doing a pretty mean second position in this one. It's almost as cute as Roscoe's first position.

The boys had no trouble at all finding Zelda's prissy food and water stand! Don't worry, I've since set up a second water station on the other side of the room.

Everyone paid attention while Tod threw a few more things in the trunk of his car. 

Then it was time to see him off and let the real fun begin . . . .  

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Wow, did you have a moment to catch your breath?The "boys" got home tonight looking so good. You could tell they had been well taken care of and loved a lot!They actually seemed a little tired(I'd imagine they were taken for lots of walks at"Camp Nan").Thank you very,very much. I think they miss Zelda; did I hear that there was almost a Zelda/Rocoe swap??? We will be happy to return the favor(of pet sitting) should an occasion arise.

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