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Just a few updates for you.

I've done well with my letter writing project (from this post). Well, I wrote a letter last week (to Charles Martin just like I said I would), and I'm planning to write one this week. So, that's doing well, right? Actually, I was amazed by how difficult it was to find a mailing address. Now . . . finding an email address . . . well, that's no problem. But finding a mailing address was tricky, so I actually sent the letter to the law office of the author's agent. At least I think I did. I'll probably never know. 

Anyway, I know I'm not going to singlehandedly bring the Post Office back from the brink of extinction, but that's not the point of my project so I guess that's okay. 

Speaking of awesome letters, I received a really great one from my niece today. And don't you love the homemade monogrammed stationery? I'm so glad you got the teacher you wanted, B, and I'll see you very soon!

My mom recently made limoncello trifle (from this post) for a neighborhood supper, and it was a hit. She said she might modify the directions a bit the next time she makes it by mixing everything together before adding it to the cake, but here's a before and after for you. (She followed the recipe exactly, down to the store-bought pound cake and vanilla instant pudding cups.) That's a pretty "good" trifle bowl I'd say . . . as in $3 from Goodwill (washed in very hot water prior to using, of course).

Tod is now a zinnia-growing pro. Check out what his pot o' dirt flowers (from this post) looks like today!

Speaking of growing things (remember my pepper from this post?), my parents' neighbor, Sandy, has hit the cherry tomato jackpot this summer. They're still picking them today!

Finally, do you remember Throw Pillow Mountain (from this post)? Well, I think I've conquered it. See, to the right? No more Throw Pillow Mountain. Just one new throw pillow.

I'm only slightly ashamed to say that I brought home at least 12 different pillows (but you never really know what something will look like until you take it home and . . . you guessed it . . . see what it looks like). I'm happy to say that four of them passed my test. Honestly, a few new throw pillows can change the whole look of a place. (The pillows I picked up are all down; they ranged in price from $15 to $25; and I found them at Marshall's, Home Goods, and T.J. Maxx.) 

The only problem: Zelda's sort of obsessed with hopping from pillow to pillow and smushing them down. I guess I can't blame her; it does look pretty fun, especially when you throw a nylabone or a tennis ball in the mix. 


* said...

Thanks for the update, MSA! I was beginning to wonder how some of those projects had ended up! Were the throw pillows made in the USA? Are you a limoncello fan? Have you ever enjoyed it?

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