0 Guess who's turning 31 today?

This guy, that's who. 

And because I believe that you're never too young or too old for a birthday party, we made sure to celebrate in style last weekend -- a day of football, an amazing tailgating spot, plenty to eat and drink, lots of friends and family, a girl wearing a "Block C" tattoo on her cheek, and, of course, a Gamecock win against Vandy -- I mean, what more could this guy want?

My mom even painted this awesome gamecock for the birthday boy. Isn't he great?
Check out the amazing view from the rooftop deck of the condo where we stayed this weekend! Very cool, right?

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend; I know I did! 

And last but certainly not least, I'd like to give very special thanks to the kind souls who agreed to keep Heidi and Zelda for the weekend and who completely saved the day when Zelda caused a bit more than her usual amount of mischief. (Let's just say that rat poison was involved.) I cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of her, and I'm so glad she was in such able hands. She's totally fine, and she told me to tell you that she is very sorry and embarrassed for her bad behavior. 


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