2 Happy Birthdays and a Blogiversary

So . . . not only is today my dear friend Lydia's birthday . . . 

(Isn't she lovely? The one in white, of course.)

. . . but also, today is my six-month blogiversary! Holy smokes, how'd that happen?

(I'll give myself a thumbs up on that one.)

And guess what tomorrow is? 

You guessed it: Tomorrow is this little girl's birthday! 

(Isn't she precious?)

Happy birthday to you, girls, and happy blogiversary to me!

Oh, and Jessica, we hope you had a wonderful birthday this week! And Tod, the girls and I are working very hard to get ready for your birthday next week! Aren't September babies great?


Anonymous said...

Aww, Nan! I am so thrilled to be featured on your blog! ;) I had a loverly birthday, thanks very much! Love, your dear friend Lydia...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Nan! Wonderful it was. xoxo Jess

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