2 Oh, Baby!

Believe it or not, but I love to make baby quilts. (Perhaps there's something genetic in that because my grandmother made some pretty wonderful baby quilts, of which I was privileged to receive two after my sister accidentally ripped my first one while building a fort with couch cushions.) 

Making baby quilts is just something I started doing a couple years ago when my friends started having little ones.

Here's the quilt that started it all.

I made this quilt for a very dear friend, and although it's a bit wonky, it was truly a labor of love. Also, even though I did not intend for it to be a work of art, I was beyond flattered when she treated it that way. (But I do hope that baby Charlie has pulled that thing down off the wall by now and slobbered all over it!) 

So what's so great about this quilt? Well, I chose the fabrics deliberately. The "papaya"-colored fabric actually came from the J.Crew bridesmaid dress that I wore in my friend's wedding. (Yes, I cut it up, because--although it was a cute dress that made for some spectacular pictures--I had not worn it again and probably never would. It seems that there's just something about a bridesmaid dress that always screams "bridesmaid" even if it doesn't look like a bridesmaid dress.) The brown corduroy: that came from the first pair of pants I bought in Chapel Hill, where we went to college. The denim came from a skirt I bought in my favorite thrift shop in Paris, a shop I totally dragged my friend to when she came to visit me while we were studying abroad. And the yellow fabric, well, that came from a skirt I wore on many occasions during the summer when we lived together in Colorado. I know, I'm like a pioneer woman reusing my old clothes for quilt squares. I'm like a grandmother in a 30-something body. I'm like a small child doing a craft project. I'm like . . . okay, I'll just leave it at that.  

The colors are a bit more true to life in the picture below, although please disregard my very awkward smile. 

Over the past year or so--during what appears to be a bit of a baby boom amongst my friends--I've had the opportunity to make several baby quilts, and I've honestly loved making each one. Do you want to see a few of them? Good, I thought you did.

Photo from Elizabeth Miles Design

I mean, what little boy doesn't want a quilt covered in dogs playing Twister?

And remember a couple weeks ago when I showed you a mess of fabric on my floor? (Click here if not.) I wanted to share the finished product with you.

I made this quilt for another very dear friend of mine who is about to have her first baby girl. I hope little Lulu loves it as much as I'm going to love her! 

And if you read yesterday's post about my trip to the mill, then you might recall my newfound love for tulle. Well, here's my first attempt at a baby tutu. And because you never know how big those little baby bellies will be, I went with a tie-back version. Although I haven't perfected my method yet, I definitely see some dog tutus in my future. Zelda really wants one. I promise.

Oh, and my precious mom gave me some sweet labels for Christmas last year, so now I feel like my baby quilts are totally legit. 

Who knew that sewing squares of fabric together could be so much fun? Oh the simple things, they are so sweet--sweet like new babies.


* said...

As my grandmother would say, "you're a child of the Depression." It's like recycling before it was cool.

Clark and JP Lee said...

For some reason I am just now seeing this posting. Ummm...we love our doggies playing twister quilt! ;) so special!

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