1 Wide-Eyed and Awestruck

The sky was still dark this morning when I backed out of the gravel driveway attached to my favorite house by the sea, and Zelda was asleep in the backseat, worn out from a holiday weekend filled with four-legged friends. But before I slipped off the island and back to the world of business suits and deadlines, the sky lightened ever so slightly and began to unfold itself after a stormy night. So, without giving it too much thought, I allowed my hands to turn the wheel to the left where they usually turn it to the right, and I pulled into a public beach access and parked the car. I grabbed my camera and slipped out onto the beach while Zelda snoozed. The sand was cool and gray when I arrived, but the sky was warming up and stretching for what is, no doubt, a daily exercise, albeit a daily exercise that I miss on average 363 days of the year. Today was my first sunrise of the summer, in fact, which I'm a bit ashamed to admit not only because the sun is actually setting on summer but also because I live on the water, and it just seems wasteful for me to miss these kinds of performances. So this morning I planted my toes firmly in the sand and stared wide-eyed and awestruck as the rising sun painted the world around me pink and blue and gold.

My words don't do it justice, and my pictures certainly don't either. But I thought I'd share them with you nonetheless.


Lauren said...

Beautiful photos! Moments like that I always feel like God is standing right next to me. I'm glad you were able to have such a spectacular morning.

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