0 Beef Brisket Soft Tacos

After our big night on the town on Friday, we decided that a home-cooked meal was in order on Saturday. So after perusing a couple of on-loan-from-the-library cookbooks, we busted out my crock pot and got to work. 

Are you wondering which cookbooks we perused? I thought so. Well wonder no more.

First, we perused Better Homes and Gardens' The Ultimate Slow Cooker Book.

Then we perused Slow-Cooker Quick Fixes from the editors of Southern Living.

After some discussion, we decided on a recipe from the latter, and if you read the title of this blog post then you know we decided on beef brisket soft tacos. Guess what? When the editors of Southern Living called these recipes quick fixes, they were not lying. You want details? Here you go.

First, we picked up a beautiful beef brisket from Whole Foods. The recipe called for a two-pound brisket, but we went a bit smaller than that. 

When we got home, Tod expertly trimmed the fat and cut the brisket into three-inch pieces. He then seasoned the meat with salt, pepper, chili powder, cumin, cayenne pepper, and a splash of Tabasco. The recipe called for certain amounts of these things, but Tod just eyeballed it. Yeah, we're wild and crazy like that.

Meanwhile, I chopped an onion and peeled several cloves of garlic.

While at Whole Foods we picked up some sliced celery from the salad bar; we only needed a little bit and I didn't want to buy a huge bunch of it only to watch it wilt in my fridge. After tossing the celery in the crock pot, I used my garlic press (yay for fun kitchen gadgets!) and added at least four or five cloves of pressed garlic to the mix. The chopped onion went in next. 

Then it was time to add the beef. 

After adding the beef, we closed the lid, turned it on high, and waited for about 5 or 6 hours.

When time was up, Tod removed the meat from the crock pot and used a fork to shred it.

After steaming our flour tortillas (we went with the small size), we set the table with bowls of chopped lettuce, shredded cheese, and sour cream. (I also meant to include a bowl of black bean salsa, but I guess I forgot in all of the taco-making madness.) Oh, and luckily, I had a cup of queso from Costco on hand (that stuff is restaurant quality), which we enjoyed as an appetizer with blue and white corn chips. We invited friends, opened up a growler from Charleston Beer Exchange, and enjoyed a delicious meal. (And it's a good thing it was delicious because I've been eating leftovers for the past two days!)

What fun and delicious things have you made in your crock pot recently? And don't you just love how great cooking in the crock pot makes your house smell? 


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