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You may recall that on the first of November I said my rabbits and then proceeded to share with you my list of 30 things to do, to work on, to accomplish--you get the idea--during the 30 days of November. Well, November is officially halfway over (how'd that happen?), and so I figured now's as good a time as any to give you a progress report. After all, this blog, which actually owes its very existence to another one of my silly little lists, is nothing if not here to hold me accountable.

By the way, when making a list, I always recommend beginning with something easy to accomplish or something that you already have accomplished (like I did with my list of 30). It's just a good confidence booster, I think.

1. Start the month with "rabbit rabbit rabbit." 
2. Walk to work more often. 
3. Sew a baby quilt.
4. Wash my car.
5. Send someone a letter each week.
6. Try a new yoga studio.
7. Get a haircut!
8. Make a grocery list before shopping and--most importantly--stick to it! (No more impulse buys!)
9. Learn to play backgammon.
10. Cook all of the chicken breasts in my freezer.
11. Clean my baseboards.
12. Donate 30 things I don't use to Goodwill.
13. Make eye contact, even when I'm busy.
14. Drink more water.
15. Read two books.
16. Teach Zelda a new trick.
17. Learn a new word or two.
18. Attend two more home Carolina football games! (Go Cocks!)
19. Blog more; blog better.
20. Clean out my dresser.
21. Change the batteries in my smoke detectors.
22. Water and fertilize my houseplants.
23. Research DSLR cameras. (Zelda told me she wanted to buy me one for Christmas.)
24. Go to happy hour with friends.
25. Watch a funny movie.
26. Take a couple walks on the beach.
27. Try a new restaurant.
28. Bake cookies, from scratch.
29. Light more candles.
30. Turn off the lights at 10:30 on "school nights."

Okay, so even though I've only marked through three things, let me explain. Because I promise I've been working on these things, err, well, some of them at least. 

I've actually walked to work more often this month than I have not. Two points for progress, right? It's perfect walk-to-work weather around here so I've enjoyed working on this.

I have not sewn anything this month, but I've thought about sewing. Does that count? 

I also have not washed my car, although I've told myself I was going to do it every weekend for several months. Epic failure.

I have sent one letter . . . to the City of Charleston to pay a parking ticket. Yep, I admit that there's a little bit of room for improvement on this one.

I have not tried a new yoga studio, but I have made an appointment for a haircut next week. Score one for me! 

And I grocery shopped yesterday and can happily say that I avoided all impulse buys except for a bag of Pirate's Booty. It was on sale, and you know how I feel about sales.

Sadly, I have not learned to play backgammon, but I did go to the library to check out a book about backgammon. You know what though? If I'm going to be totally honest here, this book does not make me want to learn to play backgammon. So don't hold your breath on this one. 

Speaking of my most recent trip to the library, which is pretty much a weekly thing for me, I sort of went overboard and picked up all sorts of books to help me with my list of 30 . . . 

. . . like Training Your Superpuppy and Martha Stewart's Cookies. So even though I have not cooked any of the chicken breasts in my freezer, taught Zelda a new trick, or baked cookies from scratch, I'm at least in the research phase. 

(As for those books about New York, Tod and I are hitting the Big Apple in a few weeks!)

And as for the rest of it . . . 

I'm more conscious of trying to make eye contact, even if I'm not doing a better job of it. 

I'm in the process of collecting items to donate to Goodwill; I actually have a cardboard box in my room marked "Goodwill." Organization is half the battle with these things. And to get to 30 items, I plan to clean out my dresser and kill one more bird with this stone.

I'm drinking more water, and I'm trying to go to bed earlier. 

I've read one book (The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen), and I am about 100 pages into my second (Swamplandia! by Karen Russell). Speaking of the second, I'm totally awed by (and slightly jealous of) Russell's talent. She's an amazingly gifted writer to put it mildly.

I have learned a new word--something Tod taught me last weekend--but I cannot remember 
it now. So I guess I never really learned it. Shoot. Back to square one on this one.

I have attended one home Carolina game with another one on the schedule this Saturday! Go Cocks!

I have not gone to happy hour or tried a new restaurant, but I have watched a funny movie (Bridesmaids) and cleaned my baseboards.

I have watered some of my plants, but I have not fertilized them, and I have not lit more candles. It just has not been that cold outside.

I clearly have not blogged more or better. Oops.

I have read a little bit about DSLR cameras. They are expensive, and I'm pretty sure Zelda is going to end up getting me a sweater or a toothbrush instead of a camera.

I have not walked on the beach, but I'm saving that for the second half of the month.

Finally, I have changed the batteries in two of my four smoke detectors. Fire safety is important. Speaking of which, when is the last time you checked (or better yet, changed) the batteries in your smoke detectors? 

Yeah, you might want to get on that.


Meredith Krull said...

OK, I was scrolling down after the book photo wondering if that meant what I thought it did......Sure your schedule is packed, but if you have any free time during your trip, I'd love to see you!! xoxo

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