1 Boxing Day Project

After a long weekend of celebrating with friends and family (and generally just relaxing and doing a whole lot of nothing aside from eating, drinking, singing Christmas carols, and opening presents), Tod and I decided to kick off Boxing Day yesterday morning by doing something productive, i.e., a quick home improvement project.

I finally (after years of begging, literally) talked Tod into replacing the dirty, paint-splattered overhead light fixture in his bathroom . . . 

Please disregard the yellowing fan grill; I promise that's next on the list of things to tackle. 

. . . with something clean and more modern . . . like the fixture pictured below. (When my mom tried this fixture in her kitchen a few months ago but ended up not liking it, she graciously passed it on to us free of charge, making this home improvement project one of the least expensive projects we have ever tackled.)  

And since Tod and I have changed a light fixture before (remember this post?), our little Boxing Day project only took us about half an hour. 

The results, while not necessarily life changing, are still pretty great if you ask me. Don't you agree?


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