0 B-O-R-I-N-G

Yep, that's what this blog has become as of late. Even my mom said so, and she's, well, my mom. So, to all 15 of my readers, I apologize for the boringness. And I apologize for making up words like boringness, but I think it's called for under the circumstances. You see, it seems that my hours (only 24 of them in a day, and let's face it, I need to devote at least a third of them to sleeping because I'm one of those people) have been filled with things like working, teaching, planning a wedding (84 days!), cleaning out my house, moving stuff around, working, teaching, planning a honeymoon, cleaning out my house, and moving stuff around. But I have lots of projects in the works, and I'm positively itching to overhaul this whole blog and give 'er a new look. I guess it's a good thing it's a leap year, because I'm thinking that I can totally use those extra hours. Bear with me, folks. There's lots of good stuff to come!  

Oh, and you know what's not boring? Not boring in the least? 

Wrangling four dogs into one picture.

Yes, we (and they) know they are not supposed to be on this bed. But they sort of insisted. Sorry about that.


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