0 I love brunch.

Have you seen the episode of How I Met Your Mother about the relationship between men and brunch? It's basically about how awkward it is for just two men to go to brunch together, and how it's more of a couples thing, or at least a girls-going-out-together-post-a-late-night thing. It's a good episode.

But anyway, I digress. The point of this post is that I love brunch. It's basically the perfect meal. (So many options!) In fact, I might even go so far as to say that brunch is my favorite meal. Most of the time, at least. 

You know what? Tod loves brunch, too. So I guess it's a good thing that he's part of a couple. 

But you know what's more? Tod loves to cook brunch. For me. And since I love to eat brunch, well, it just seems to work out perfectly. 

Like take last weekend for instance. We made tacos one night (with some delicious grass-fed beef from Earth Fare and some organic Garden of Eatin' blue corn shells), and we ended up with some leftover meat. When Tod let me sleep in a bit the next morning (I'd been up a couple times in the night with sweet Heidi, who was having some GI issues that required middle-of-the-night trips outside), I came downstairs to this.

Coffee, orange juice, a heaping serving of Carolina-milled white grits with cheese, eggs scrambled with the leftover taco meat and covered in salsa, black beans, sour cream, and freshly-sliced avocado. You better believe I ate nearly every morsel on that plate (and ended up very full as a result). But isn't that the beauty of brunch? The fact that you can just skip breakfast and move right to a large, late-morning meal that will keep you full until supper? It's just so darn efficient. And it's delicious! I mean, it almost makes me feel like I'm a morning person. Almost.

Like I said, I love brunch. Especially the part about having someone who's willing to cook it for me. 

Oh, the little things, they are so great.


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