1 True Confessions

True Confession #1: Zelda and I thoroughly enjoyed wearing matching pajamas on Christmas Eve. 

I definitely remember those matching, floral mother/daughter dresses that Laura Ashley sold in the 80's, but I never knew there existed such a thing as matching mother/dog flannel pajamas until my sister gave them to us for Christmas last year. Zelda has grown a little bit since last year so her pajama top looked more like a muscle shirt on her, but she was a very good sport and wore it the whole time we opened gifts. (My sister found the pajamas at The Company Store in case you're interested in purchasing some for the crazy dog-dressing people in your life, although I'm not sure if they're still available. I bet these things sell out quickly because I know I'm not the only crazy dog-dressing person out there.) 

True Confession #2: I will not be the only one wearing a wedding dress on my big day. That's right, Zelda's already got her white beaded gown (veil and satin leash included) all ready to go, thanks to an amazing Christmas gift from Tod's sister. (Again, who knew these things even existed? You gotta love the internet.) 

I wanted to take a picture of Zelda in her gorgeous dress to show you, but she's being a bit of a diva and is insisting on having a big reveal on the big day. (Plus, I'm afraid she'll start chewing on it the second the satin hits her fur, so I'm keeping it out of harm's way. She's very hard on clothes, as you can probably imagine.) 

I know, I know, I should probably be very alarmed that my dog has a wedding dress picked out while I still do not. What does that even say about me? I promise I'm not a total lunatic despite all appearances to the contrary.


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