2 Wedding Dress Blues

I love clothes. I love fabric. But this whole wedding dress thing? So not for me. 

And yes, I've basically planned an entire wedding without a clue about what I'll be wearing. That's normal, right? (Of course I know that's not normal, but for whatever reason, I just don't think the dress is that big of a deal.)

And you know what? I haven't even found wedding planning to be as stressful as everyone told me it would be. (Yay for keeping things small and simple!) 

But this whole wedding dress thing? Well, it might just do me in. (And now I remember exactly why I simply wore my sister's debutante dress--entirely unaltered--without even trying on another dress.)

For example, here's my favorite conversation from my first trip to a bridal salon, which occurred this evening:

Clerk: So, when is your wedding?

Me: April 21.

Clerk: Awesome! We have plenty of time. April 21, 2013, right?

Me: Um, no, April 21, 2012, actually.

Clerk: Oh, umm, (cough), well, alright, let's see what we can do with that.

Oh wait. Here's another good one. I spoke with a J.Crew employee today to ask some questions about some of their gowns:

Me: Hi, can you please tell which of your gowns tend to run the longest? I'm a very tall bride.

Clerk: Oh, all of our gowns are floor length.

Me: (Pause.) Umm, okay, but wouldn't "floor length" depend on how tall the person wearing the garment is?

Clerk: (Longer pause.) Huh, yeah, I guess you're right. Hang on, let me go look at some of the dresses.

Me: Sure, thanks. I was hoping you could give me some actual dimensions.

Clerk: (Returns after a minute or so.) I think most of the dresses fall something like 44 to 48 inches from the waist to the floor. Do you have any of the gowns in mind? 

Me: (Longest pause.) Umm, well, I was hoping you could tell me which ones run the longest? Or, if you don't have that information, then do you know whether any of the dresses have large hems that can be let out?

Clerk: Oh, our gowns don't have hems. It's a different fabric on the inside of the seam. But I'm thinking that the Sararose gown is running very long though. 

Me: (Giving up on this one.) Okay, thanks, I'll check that one out online.

Yep, it's official: the wedding industry is completely and totally nuts. (By the way, mom, is that debutante dress still packed away in storage somewhere? Because . . . I mean, if I keep having conversations like this, I might just take her for another spin.) 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you just got an idiot on the phone at JCrew. Don't give up, though! You'll find something you love. :) LJC

Anonymous said...

Nan - not to worry, bridie. You know I make a great looking re-cycled apron. (remember your Tie One On blog)? We can hit Good Will or hey we can hit your dad's closet or Tod's and find a nice white shirt and I can make a great little apron - (we must cover your back side tho) and honey, you can Tie One On while you Tie The Knot. See? I will be sure to make it long enough too. And, I could wear one,and Nicole, B., Lea, hey now, I think we might just be on to something. Don't you agree? love you, kiup

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