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I know, I know. The blog posts have been few and far (and then even farther) between these days . . . but with very good reason, I promise. Because in addition to the regular hustle and bustle of working, teaching, and planning a wedding--just to name a few things--I somehow found a few days to sneak in a quick trip to Mexico with a dear friend. It was amazing. So relaxing and beautiful. I'm officially in fish taco and chicken nacho withdrawal, and now that I'm back in reality, the chilly wind outside makes me crave salsa. I've just uploaded all my photos, and although I haven't had much time to go through them and find the best ones, I thought you might enjoy taking a peek into paradise.

The resort where we stayed--Live Aqua Cancun--was beautiful and had the most amazing infinity pool, as you can see in this picture.

The sand, the sea, the sky--all were absolutely gorgeous. 

I'm including the next two photos specifically for the best paella cook I know. (Yes, you know who you are.) While wandering by one of the (seven or eight?) pools on the first day, I found a paella hut. Nope, I'm not kidding. Inside the hut was the sweetest man who cooked paella and grilled fresh ears of corn all day long. Yep, a girl can get used to that kind of thing pretty quickly.

Oh, and finally, you do know I could not come to a place like this and not hold the toucan, right? Even though I was slightly terrified as you tell from my facial expression.


0 Happy Valentine's Day!

Tod and I decided to skip the typical Valentine's Day candy, cards, and flowers this year because we think the two very special rings that are being engraved at the jewelry store right now more than satisfy our Valentine's Day responsibilities. Wouldn't you agree? 

Also, I don't think Tod wanted to compete with the amazing Valentine's Day gift his mom made me: my very own giant carton of her homemade pimento cheese! 

I apologize for the quality of the picture; I had to take it with my old school cell phone because I accidentally left my digital camera cable at Tod's house after our whirlwind weekend.

Oh, and the green stuff to the left of the pimento cheese: it's celery. Because everyone knows that dipping celery into pimento cheese turns pimento cheese into health food. Right?

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! 


1 Full Circle

So we had ourselves a bit of a yard (parking lot) sale this morning. And as any good yard saler knows, an ad in the newspaper is worth its weight in gold (crumply dollar bills).  So Tod put an ad in The (Sumter) Item for Thursday and Friday--an ad that said our sale would start at 8--so naturally, the droves arrived at, oh, 6:45. a.m. The moon was out. Not the sun. So yes, while Tod and I were very busy lugging our wares out of the house, salt-of-the-earth junk collectors were very busy perusing them with flashlights, gathering up our goods just as quickly as we could bring them outside. And yes, I just said flashlights. But don't worry, the early birds got the worms. (You know, now that I think about it, I'm not really sure whether Tod and I are the birds or the worms in that scenario, but I think you see what I mean.) Anyway, business was steady for a couple hours, and thankfully, the sun rose quickly, although I cannot say the same for the temperature. It was chilly. And windy. But yard salers are dedicated folks so the weather didn't seem to keep them away.

At about 11, I'd had enough. (I think Tod had enough a while before that, but he was an excellent sport.) We gathered up the remaining goods and decided what to keep and what to donate to charity, and we counted our gold (crumply dollar bills). And you know what? We did pretty well for ourselves. It was a worthwhile venture after all. And that's fun.

Obviously, this was taken after our moonlight shoppers had come and gone.
So I know what you're thinking now: you want to know what we're going to do with all those crumply dollar bills. Well, first we're going to share some with Tod's family members who graciously provided items for our sale. And second, well, we've already gone and done it. 

First, we treated ourselves to lunch. (We split a huge turkey sub at Firehouse Subs for those of you who enjoy having too much information.) And yes, when Tod unfurled his wad of cash to pay for lunch, the cashier, who was a young guy, asked Tod if he was a stripper. No joke. (My feelings were only a little bit hurt.) 

Second--and this is the fun part--Tod and I headed straight to the jewelry store to check out our wedding bands, which a very talented jeweler at Galloway & Moseley expertly crafted for us. Literally, he made them, although I think the correct term is "forged." (He forged them from the same stock of rose gold that he used to make my engagement ring, which I think is pretty neat.) We are absolutely delighted with them, and what's more, it was such a treat to plunk down our wad of crumply dollar bills and put them towards something so special; our yard sale efforts were in no way for naught. Everything really does come full circle, doesn't it? 


2 Tiny Apartment

As I type this, we are getting ready for a massive yard sale. Why? Because--as the ad Tod put in the paper so succinctly stated--we're getting married and he's moving into my tiny apartment. 

The show starts bright and early tomorrow morning. Sumter readers: please stop by, say hello, and take some of our stuff away with you!


0 Long Winter's Nap

As it turns out, today was a great day for a long winter's nap (even if it was 72 degrees outside). 

(And no, Tod does not usually wear a pinky ring. He was playing with a men's ring that I found on the sidewalk near my house, and he fell asleep with it on his finger. Now that I think about it, he's probably not going to be super excited about seeing these pictures on the blog, but I simply cannot resist right now.)

Also as it turns out, dogs often make great pillows.

Happy weekend!
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