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I know, I know. The blog posts have been few and far (and then even farther) between these days . . . but with very good reason, I promise. Because in addition to the regular hustle and bustle of working, teaching, and planning a wedding--just to name a few things--I somehow found a few days to sneak in a quick trip to Mexico with a dear friend. It was amazing. So relaxing and beautiful. I'm officially in fish taco and chicken nacho withdrawal, and now that I'm back in reality, the chilly wind outside makes me crave salsa. I've just uploaded all my photos, and although I haven't had much time to go through them and find the best ones, I thought you might enjoy taking a peek into paradise.

The resort where we stayed--Live Aqua Cancun--was beautiful and had the most amazing infinity pool, as you can see in this picture.

The sand, the sea, the sky--all were absolutely gorgeous. 

I'm including the next two photos specifically for the best paella cook I know. (Yes, you know who you are.) While wandering by one of the (seven or eight?) pools on the first day, I found a paella hut. Nope, I'm not kidding. Inside the hut was the sweetest man who cooked paella and grilled fresh ears of corn all day long. Yep, a girl can get used to that kind of thing pretty quickly.

Oh, and finally, you do know I could not come to a place like this and not hold the toucan, right? Even though I was slightly terrified as you tell from my facial expression.


Anonymous said...

Now I know what I can do when I retire and you and Tod can visit regularly to sample my newest varieties! Glad you had fun.

Meredith Krull said...

Nan, you are making 2 freezing New Yorkies very jealous!! ALSO - Gwyneth and I tagged you on 11 questions! Details are in our latest post!

mk & Gwynnie

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