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My friend Meredith recently tagged us in a game of 11 Questions (yay!), and yes, it's about time I got to it. (Time is the most precious commodity for me these days, so, sadly, this little blog o' mine has taken a backseat. I'll be back soon with some good stuff hopefully!)

And I know, I'm supposed to post rules and tag others to keep the game going, and I'm usually such a rule follower when it comes to games, but for now, I'm just going to be "it." 

So here you go--Meredith's eleven questions and my answers:

1. What is your go-to place for inspiration?

Outside. Or sitting outside on my parents' porch. Or maybe walking inside around Goodwill. Yeah, that's actually a tough call. I've had some great ideas while outside, or while sitting outside on my parents' porch in the morning (drinking coffee) or in the evening (drinking wine). But I've also had some really great ideas walking around Goodwill. I'm one of those scavenger types, and it's so amazing what you can find outside (on the curb) or inside (at Goodwill).

2. What recipe do you find yourself making over and over again?

Does a bowl of cottage cheese topped with sliced avocado and sunflower seeds (with a side of wheat thins) count as a recipe? Because I eat that a lot. I've perfected that recipe, in fact. Tod says it's not a meal, but I disagree wholeheartedly. 

3. If you could Pin one photo and have it magically appear in your home, what would that photo be?

Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out the whole Pinterest thing. I joined several months ago. In fact, the whole reason I joined facebook was because I had to join facebook before I could join Pinterest. I've sort of figured out facebook now, but I still haven't had a chance to figure out Pinterest. I found my first trips through the boards totally overwhelming: so many ideas, so many creative minds, so many things to do and see and eat. When I gain back some free time, I'll wander through the land of Pinterest again. So this question is on hold for now.

4. If you didn't live in your current city, where would you live?

Paris. (France, not Texas.)

5. What has been your biggest design challenge?

Not enough space! I'm sentimental and I tend to hang on to things with good memories or good stories, but I live in a small space, a small space that has recently gotten much smaller thanks to some really exciting life events. So I hate to complain. But lack of space is definitely challenging, especially when you're a fabric hoarder like me.

6. What is your favorite thing about your home?

Besides the location, all my stuff. I'm the last in the line of many hand-me-downs, so I've accumulated some really great, interesting things over the years. All that great, interesting stuff makes my place feel like my home.

7. Which DIY project are you most proud of?

Probably the chair that started this whole blog. (You can read about it here.) But my mom and I also have been working on some amazing DIY wedding projects so maybe I'll share some of those with y'all in the future. 

Holy cow, after looking back at the chair post that started this whole thing, I realized that I completely missed my one year blogiversary (March 17) without commemorating it or even getting my blog a present. I think a new DSLR camera is in order, don't you?

8. What are your favorite color combinations to decorate with or wear?

I love colors! And I love combining them. (But not all at once, because when you do that, you end up with brown Easter eggs, a lesson I learned the hard way almost every year as a kid.) 
I guess I'd pick colors like red, blue, and green (apple red, any shade of blue, and then it's a toss-up between a kelly green and that wonderful Martha Stewart shade of green).

I also wear a lot of black and gray, but that's because my job's kind of a serious one.

9. When and where in your home do you blog?

Usually at night but that may be changing soon; pretty much always in my dining room.

10. Flats or heels?

I guess I prefer flats (I'm all about comfort), but I often throw on heels for that kind of serious job of mine, so maybe 60/40 flats/heels.

11. What's the #1 goal you want to accomplish in 2012?

Goals are so great, but the #1 part of this question is so stressful because I always have a basketful of goals floating around in my head. For example, here are some of the goals that went on parade today: (1) learn to be married (I guess this one should be my #1); (2) sew a piece of clothing (to actually wear out of the house!); (3) learn to use my new camera (see question 7 above); (4) buy a new camera (I guess I skipped a step on #3); (5) join a CSA and eat/cook the random fruits and veggies that arrive each week (I'm working on arranging this one right now); (6) pay more attention when people tell me their names (I'm terrible at names!); and (7) spruce up (and organize) the blog. I think it's good to mix serious goals with fluffy ones. It keeps things interesting, not to mention much less stressful.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed reading my answers, and if you didn't, then why have you continued to read this post? Thanks, Meredith, for tagging me. Next time I promise we'll follow all the rules and play the game the right way!


Meredith and the New Yorkie said...

Nan, we loved reading this! We hope your wedding planning is going well, and we can't wait to see the DIYs that you and your mom are up to!

mk & Gwynnie

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