2 It's Friday!

Let's toast to that!

At a cafe by the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
At a piano bar in Paris.
At a pub in Paris.
At a cafe in Interlaken.
At Braunen Mutz in Basel.
Before the FC Basel football (soccer) celebration.
During the FC Basel football celebration. (I fit in more once I put on the t-shirt we bought for Tod's cousin.)
It was quite the celebration.

On the night train from Basel to Amsterdam.
At the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. Check out those manly arms I've got there.
Learning to inspect a beer's gold bubbles at the Heineken Experience.
At a cafe in Amsterdam.
At a pub in Bruges.

At a cafe in Paris on the last night of our honeymoon.

As you can see, we drank some amazing beer on our honeymoon. Of course, we indulged in at least twice as much food as we did beer; don't worry, I've got the pictures to prove it. (No surprise there!) But I'll leave those pictures for another day and end this post with a toast to a happy weekend! 

And of course, remember to drink responsibly. 


Anna Garden said...

Awesome! Hysterical. Great post. TGIF!!

Anna Garden said...


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