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When some friends of ours invited us on a river float this weekend, we hemmed and hawed about whether to join them. Not because we didn't want to go--we did--but because last weekend was the first weekend in many, many weekends (since before we were married, even) when we had no plans to go anywhere or do anything. That is a luxury in our world. Oh, and the house was looking like this, and I was about to lose my marbles. (Just keepin' it real here.)

Yep, it was pretty much looking like an episode of Hoarders around here (great show, by the way). 

Sidebar: do you notice the beer on the table? It's Shiner Ruby Redbird! (Remember this post?) We love it, and it's only available for like a week (probably because everyone sells out so quickly), so we decided to stock up for the summer. Ginger + grapefruit + beer = Nan's summer drink. Who knew?

Anyway, back to what I was saying. We turned down what would have been a really fun float, I am sure, to tackle the mess. 

After organizing the piles a bit (translation: picking boxes up in one place and putting them down in another, i.e., moving stuff around), we decided to start with a simple project: installing the awesome magnetic knife bar (and knives) that Tod's sweet sister gave us for our wedding.

Space is limited around here, and after scouting locations, we decided that the only reasonable spot for the knife bar was over the stove. Here's a before shot.

Notice the cool bullseye? That's another gift from Tod's sweet sister; she picked it up at an art market in Asheville. 

Anyway, we moved the bullseye to another spot in the kitchen and got to work. 

Would you like to see some during pics? 

You would? 

Good. Here you go.

Another sidebar: remember the orange seeds I planted last year? (See this post and this post if not.) They're doing just fine sitting in the window, I think.

So yes, we're sort of obsessed with the knife bar now. Added bonus: it makes us feel like much better cooks than we actually are! (Or maybe I should just speak for myself there.)

Oh, and you know the best part of our decision to forego a fun river float and engage in home improvement instead? We felt completely deserving of an afternoon treat. How about grass-fed burgers from Triangle Char & Bar? Totally fair reward if you ask us. 


d said...

Those piles look to be getting bigger and bigger!There were certainly some interesting looking boxes. Can't wait to see everything unpacked and placed...can they do it????

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