0 Taco night!

When my little green pepper plant did her thing again this year, first, I was totally surprised because I've done nothing to tend to her and all the weeds that now adorn her, and second, I was thrilled because a homegrown pepper is a very good excuse for taco night! (You may remember my little green pepper plant from this post.)

I'm very proud of those peppers, even though I waited so long to pick one of them that it started turning into a red/yellow pepper.

And Tod, well, he was just excited to open up one of our wedding gifts -- this Lodge cast iron fry pan -- and put it to use.

When you cut up a green pepper that is turning red and yellow, it just makes you feel like you're cutting up more than one pepper at a time. It's like multi-tasking.

By the way, Tod and I are absolutely loving our wedding china. When it came time to register, we decided to pass on the ultra fancy shmancy stuff, partially because we each have sets of our grandparents' fine china just hanging out in storage, and partially because we're just not very fancy shmancy. Instead, we went with Apilco's traditional blue-banded porcelain (as you can see in the above and below pictures). It reminds us of our honeymoon. We like blue. And it's plain enough to go with pretty much anything. Oh, and since this stuff has been used for generations in cafes and brasseries, we're thinking it won't go out of style and look "so 2012" when we're hopefully still using it many, many years from now. (Note: In addition to the blue-banded dishes, we also received some beautiful fish-covered pasta bowls and salad plates as well as four Lion's head soup bowls. We love them all, and that's what you see on the top shelf in the picture below.)

Anyway, back to the tacos. Tod browned the ground beef and strained the fat. After sauteing the diced pepper and onion, we mixed it with the ground beef and spices. Then we set the table with cheese, salsa, sour cream, sliced avocado, and blue corn taco shells.

And this is how taco night is done in our house.


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