0 Check out these melons.

Get your minds out of the gutter, people. I'm talking about actual melons here.

But first, remember (this post) when I talked about my goals for 2012? Here's the relevant excerpt:

11. What's the #1 goal you want to accomplish in 2012?

Goals are so great, but the #1 part of this question is so stressful because I always have a basketful of goals floating    around in my head. For example, here are some of the goals that went on parade today: (1) learn to be married (I guess this one should be my #1); (2) sew a piece of clothing (to actually wear out of the house!); (3) learn to use my new camera (see question 7 above); (4) buy a new camera (I guess I skipped a step on #3); (5) join a CSA and eat/cook the random fruits and veggies that arrive each week (I'm working on arranging this one right now); (6) pay more attention when people tell me their names (I'm terrible at names!); and (7) spruce up (and organize) the blog. I think it's good to mix serious goals with fluffy ones. It keeps things interesting, not to mention much less stressful.

As of today, I can say that I'm (well, we're) working on number 1 and having lots of fun along the way. As for number 2, not so much. The sewing machine is living inside a pillow case right now, but with so many friends expecting babies, I know I'll break it out sooner or later. Number 3 is a work in progress because I managed to accomplish number 4 when Tod and I received an amazing camera from my sister and her husband as an oh-so-generous wedding gift. (Yay for wedding gifts!) Number 5--join a CSA--well, yes, we've done that, and that's why I want you to check out my melons. (Again, get your minds out of the gutter, people.) I'm pretty sure that number 6 will be a lifelong challenge for me because names always seem to elude me. Finally, if you've noticed the grassy new header and the simpler blue/green design here, then you can tell I'm working on number 7. I know there's lots of room for improvement with the blog, and finding time recently has been difficult, but check back soon for more updates (like new pages and labels, hopefully). Of course, if you have any other suggestions for sprucing up the blog, definitely let me know.

Okay, let's get back to those melons. Tod and I joined the Rosebank Farms CSA for the summer season, and every Thursday, we pick up a big bag of fruits and vegetables from our neighborhood store, Burbage's. 

This week, we received what could be the biggest cantaloupe I've ever seen in my life. 

I tried to put it in perspective for you by placing it next to an eggplant we also received this week.

But then I realized an even better way to put it in perspective: by placing it next to the watermelon we received in a previous CSA bag. (Granted, the watermelon is smaller than your average watermelon, but still. Have you ever seen such a gigantic cantaloupe? It's honestly larger than a very-large-headed person's very large head.)

Oh, and as for those two little tomatoes you can see sitting in the window in the first picture, at one point we had a row of at least ten of 'em, so we've definitely been enjoying lots of sliced tomatoes, tomato sandwiches, and homemade sauces.

My kind of lunch: a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, enjoyed with a Newman's Own chocolate cookie.
And remember when Tod asked for permission to cook supper last week? (Just read the post before this one if not.) As I suspected, the menu included eggplant, and Tod did a great job experimenting with a somewhat unfamiliar fruit. Here's his take on grilled eggplant parmesan.

While I was very lazily sleeping in this morning, Tod was washing the cars (the crepe myrtle blossoms that I love so much are doing a number on them), so now he's taking a nap. 

I think he's earned a few slices of watermelon, don't you?


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