1 Dear 209B,

Thanks for being such a great first house for Tod.

Although I don't have any true before pictures (this was way before the blog days), we sure did enjoy ripping out the green carpet and the yellow countertops and replacing them with something a bit more, let's say, updated. 

And we enjoyed painting and hanging and arranging and rearranging. We'll never forget all those weekend projects you offered us--especially those trips to Lowe's (and then those trips back to Lowe's to return the wrong part and buy the right part). Oh, and remember that time we hung a rug on one of your walls? That was pretty crazy. But you were always such a good sport about things like that. 

We'll always remember cooking in your kitchen while listening (and I'll admit it, dancing) to the beach music tunes chosen by Grady Brown. Walking the dogs (all three of 'em, in fact) in your neighborhood was just the best, and, oh, do you remember that time we spread out an old quilt in the backyard just because we could and just because we wanted to get a little bit closer to that October blue sky? Because we remember it. Your tree branches certainly knew how to put on a show for us.

We really cannot thank you enough for all those lazy weekends, all those times spent together watching movies, playing Uno, sharing meals, and chasing dogs who never could quite get the hang of those slippery hardwood floors. Oh, and let me say a special word or two about your bathtub. Not only did she provide shelter from the storms for Heidi, but also, she's the only bathtub I've ever met that is long enough to fit my spindly shanks. To say I'm going to miss her is an understatement. (Sitting in our bathtub in Charleston makes me feel like I'm sitting in a suitcase.)

In all, 209B, you taught us lessons about ownership. About sweat equity. And even about electricity. You were such a good and patient teacher. So thank you.

And speaking of lessons about electricity, remember how we spruced you up to go on the market? We took your tired brass chandelier and turned your dining room into a bistro. 

We scrubbed, we cleaned, heck, we even broke out the pressure washer to make sure you looked your best. (And when I say "we" there, I really mean it. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the loving family members who helped us along the way. You know who you are, and we love you.) 

And by the end, we had you looking so great that someone else came along and wanted you. And we were so proud of that. And of you. 

So last weekend, with happy/sad hearts (yes, that's a real emotion), we came back to you one last time, to pack you up, to say goodbye, to let you go. 

Once again, we worked like dogs. Errr, well, our dogs don't work much, but you know what I mean. 

We moved furniture. We rolled up rugs. We boxed up all those little things that made you feel like home. And we tried to show you how much we've loved you, and we tried to thank you for being such a great first house. 

Oh, and we sweated. Because who doesn't enjoy a move on a 103-degree day?

But slowly but surely, we emptied the cabinets. 

We made piles of things to go here. To go there. To go anywhere. 

Emotions were high at times. But there were light moments too. Like when we spotted the cutest little paw prints on the planet in the dust. 

Or when I enjoyed the most delicious blueberry cobbler for breakfast. 

Or when I took a break from all the work to take pictures of some of the most beautiful flowers around.

In the end, though, we loaded everything up and said our goodbyes.

Thanks for the memories, 209B. You were such a great first place, and we'll miss you.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute to the magnificent transformation to 209B. Something that was a true testament to all y'all's hard work.tears fill my eyes just thinking that we'll never see your cars backed in as we drive down Calhoun on the way to First Pres. Life is filled with irony:good memories can make one so, so sad! But we continue the journey and keep "moving our cheese." thanks for that chapter.

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