0 True Story

I'm stretched out on the couch with the computer in my lap, and it looks a bit like it might storm. Or, well, it looked a bit like it might storm, so Tod and I put our walk on hold, and even though I can see bits and pieces of blue sky out the window, here I sit stretched out on the couch with the computer in my lap, running shoes still laced to my feet.

Tod joined me on the couch for a while, but he just walked into the kitchen. And although we're in separate rooms, we're only about fifteen feet apart.

From the kitchen, he asks me, "Can I cook supper tonight?"

I do not have to think before answering him. "Umm, yes. Please! Of course!!"

"Do you care if I try something new? If it's not good, I'll cook one of the pizzas in the freezer." 

Seriously? He wants to cook for me and thinks I'm worried about what he's going to cook. Umm, no. I'm not worried about that at all. (Plus, we discussed how to sweat an eggplant this morning, and we received a couple of them in our CSA bag last week, so I think I have an idea of the menu.)

"Honey, you can cook anything you want to cook. Do you want any help in there?"

And here's the best part so far: "No, I want to do it by myself," he says (not unlike a toddler). "Is that okay?"

"Umm, yes. Please! Of course!!"

And just when I thought it could not get any better for me on this non-stormy Tuesday night, he asks me another question: "Can I get you a glass of wine while you blog?"

Again with the chorus: "Umm, yes. Please! Of course!!"

Now how's that for a true story? 

I'm pretty sure I'm on to something good here, although I shudder to think what the authors of this book would have to say to me right now. 



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