1 It's contagious.

Just like the flu, apparently the desire to update furniture is contagious. So you might just want to stay away from me for a while because I still have a few more projects in the works.

Anyway, back to the contagion. Tod snapped these pics of his dad in the backyard putting a coat of dark stain on two speaker stands that were in need of some TLC. Because giant speakers have pretty much gone the way of the turntable, we're thinking these stands will make great front porch cocktail tables. 

And yes, Tod's dad is totally jamming to his iPod while he works. Sort of like a teenager.

They look awesome!


0 Another Fun Tailgate.

And it would not have been complete without a few (competitive) games of washer toss.


1 Flashback Friday

While going through some boxes of junk recently, I came across some fantastic flashback photos.

Old photos are so fun.


1 Coffee with Zelda

Some mornings, I take my time getting ready for work and sit on the sofa and enjoy a cup of coffee with Zelda by my side. 

The other morning, Zelda was being exceptionally cute so I grabbed my camera.

She was stretched out on her favorite blanket.

And then she acted all coy when she realized I was taking pictures of her. 

Time for a close-up.

She plays this strange version of peekaboo, where it's like she thinks I can't see her if she can't see me with both of her eyes. And yes, she can entertain herself (and, I admit it, me) for hours when she plays this game. 

She totally knows how to turn it on before the camera. She's sort of like the dog version of Marilyn Monroe. 

As Tod says, we're those people who don't have babies so we just take lots of pictures of our dogs. Zelda, if you cannot tell, is totally okay with that.


0 Happy Home Game

Today Tod and I attended our first (although there are sure to be many) home South Carolina football game as a married couple. 

It was hot, and is as seeming to be our thing, a few raindrops fell. But just a few, thankfully, and rain is good luck, or so we now believe.

With a 12:21 kickoff, tailgate equals brunch. 

We're happy to be married, and we're proud of those Gamecocks!


0 Dresser Times Two

As I showed you in the last post, I spray painted a little brown dresser moss green, and Tod and I think it's pretty cute.

As luck would have it, Tod's parents had two little brown dressers. 

So . . . I spray painted the other one slate blue, and it made its way downstairs to provide more storage. (Yay storage!)

Scooter is the toughest critic. What do you think?


1 Desk Demolition

Are you ready to see another project from our beach house room? 

Good, I thought so.

This built-in, little-boy-blue desk, which was more of something to bump into than somewhere to sit down, bit the dust!

First, we cleaned off the desk. The broken boat sailed away; the mallard duck flew south.

Luckily, the desk came out relatively easily (and in one piece). And, what's more, the underside came complete with a surprise signature!

Tod pried the remaining support boards from the wall.

And voila, no more desk. I think Scooter was impressed.

So what did we do with all the free wall space? 

Well, the dormer where the sassy, paprika-colored captain's chair now sits previously housed an old dresser that was just begging for a facelift, you know, with a can or two of spray paint. (Here's a before pic of the dormer.)

So I talked Tod into dragging that thing out to my painter's mat, and two or three cans of moss green spray paint later, this is what we had. 

About 24 hours later, the little dresser made its way to its new home. I'm going to add a mirror (it's in my attic right now, and I just need to find the time to get it out), and I absolutely love that the bubble milk glass sconces can live another life.

Oh, see the little white trash can to the left of the dresser? It's a basket I picked up at the Myrtle Beach Goodwill for $1.68. I wasn't loving the natural basket color, so I went after it with a can of heirloom white spray paint. 

And the rooster hanging on the wall? He was living in the hallway and told me he wanted to move into our room. 

I added a couple old Persian rugs that Tod and I didn't have room for after combining our households, and here's a pic of the room as it now appears when you walk in and look to the left. (Sorry for the bad lighting, but you can get the general idea.)

No more bruised thighs from walking into the desk! 

What do you think?


1 Oh Captain! My Captain!

I told y'all I used 15 cans of spray paint this weekend. Well, here's what I did with two of those cans -- two cans of paprika-colored Rustoleum spray paint, to be more specific. 

Exhibit A:
A charming, delightfully sturdy captain's chair that had seen better days.

Exhibit B: 
A slightly (who am I kidding?) awkward tall woman who gets entirely too much joy out of spray painting old furniture.
Exhibit C:
The towel used to clean the chair after sanding.

Exhibit D:
The first squeeze of the nozzle. (Yes, spending a few extra bucks on the attachable spray paint nozzle is totally worth it. Particularly if you plan on going through 15 cans of spray paint in one weekend.)
Exhibit E:
The spraying continues. 

Exhibit F:
Until, after several light coats, the formerly charming, delightfully sturdy captain's chair is transformed into something even sassier than I could have predicted.

Exhibit G: Perhaps something even sassier than this little girl.

Exhibit H: See what I mean? The paprika-colored (can I go so far as to say muy caliente?) captain's chair has found its way into the dormer of the room Tod and I now share at the beach house -- a room in which Tod's sweet parents have oh-so-kindly given me free reign to "move stuff around." I'm basically in heaven over this little room right now.

More updates to follow. I promise. Because with all the moving and spraying and sewing that's been going on, this little blog is just bound to pick up steam, right? And yes, the little white table beside the chair, it also received a can or two of spray paint this weekend (in Rustoleum's heirloom white, if you're curious).

Note: A huge thank you goes out to my parent's awesome neighbor, Sandy, who made these projects possible by giving Tod and me a gift card to Home Depot as a wedding gift! What a great idea! 


1 Pink Lamps and a Parrot

I've learned at least two things in the past two days, which means I must be doing alright, right? (I've also used 15 cans of spray paint in the past two days, but I'm pretty sure that's another day's blog post.) 

What I learned yesterday:

The Myrtle Beach Goodwill is where all pink, purple, and mauve lamps go to die.

What I learned today:

Apparently parrots are more than welcome at the mullet Murrels Inlet Home Depot.

Who knew? 

I sure hope you've learned an interesting thing or two this weekend, too.
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