1 Coffee with Zelda

Some mornings, I take my time getting ready for work and sit on the sofa and enjoy a cup of coffee with Zelda by my side. 

The other morning, Zelda was being exceptionally cute so I grabbed my camera.

She was stretched out on her favorite blanket.

And then she acted all coy when she realized I was taking pictures of her. 

Time for a close-up.

She plays this strange version of peekaboo, where it's like she thinks I can't see her if she can't see me with both of her eyes. And yes, she can entertain herself (and, I admit it, me) for hours when she plays this game. 

She totally knows how to turn it on before the camera. She's sort of like the dog version of Marilyn Monroe. 

As Tod says, we're those people who don't have babies so we just take lots of pictures of our dogs. Zelda, if you cannot tell, is totally okay with that.


Anonymous said...

That is one cute baby dog-flea market prize. kiup

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