1 Oh Captain! My Captain!

I told y'all I used 15 cans of spray paint this weekend. Well, here's what I did with two of those cans -- two cans of paprika-colored Rustoleum spray paint, to be more specific. 

Exhibit A:
A charming, delightfully sturdy captain's chair that had seen better days.

Exhibit B: 
A slightly (who am I kidding?) awkward tall woman who gets entirely too much joy out of spray painting old furniture.
Exhibit C:
The towel used to clean the chair after sanding.

Exhibit D:
The first squeeze of the nozzle. (Yes, spending a few extra bucks on the attachable spray paint nozzle is totally worth it. Particularly if you plan on going through 15 cans of spray paint in one weekend.)
Exhibit E:
The spraying continues. 

Exhibit F:
Until, after several light coats, the formerly charming, delightfully sturdy captain's chair is transformed into something even sassier than I could have predicted.

Exhibit G: Perhaps something even sassier than this little girl.

Exhibit H: See what I mean? The paprika-colored (can I go so far as to say muy caliente?) captain's chair has found its way into the dormer of the room Tod and I now share at the beach house -- a room in which Tod's sweet parents have oh-so-kindly given me free reign to "move stuff around." I'm basically in heaven over this little room right now.

More updates to follow. I promise. Because with all the moving and spraying and sewing that's been going on, this little blog is just bound to pick up steam, right? And yes, the little white table beside the chair, it also received a can or two of spray paint this weekend (in Rustoleum's heirloom white, if you're curious).

Note: A huge thank you goes out to my parent's awesome neighbor, Sandy, who made these projects possible by giving Tod and me a gift card to Home Depot as a wedding gift! What a great idea! 


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!!Muy bueno! You go little bride and groom. You are teasing me to see more. Know your new bridal suite will be loverly. So happy for ya'll, and what super parents to give you decorating rights. I raise my spray paint to all of you. kiup.

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