1 Pink Lamps and a Parrot

I've learned at least two things in the past two days, which means I must be doing alright, right? (I've also used 15 cans of spray paint in the past two days, but I'm pretty sure that's another day's blog post.) 

What I learned yesterday:

The Myrtle Beach Goodwill is where all pink, purple, and mauve lamps go to die.

What I learned today:

Apparently parrots are more than welcome at the mullet Murrels Inlet Home Depot.

Who knew? 

I sure hope you've learned an interesting thing or two this weekend, too.


Anonymous said...

oh m..... 15 cans wow I am the spray-paint-queen but 15, do tell.... I love the parrot, does the parrot dad know that the parrot will outlove him????? prettybird. ok get blogging girl, oh-how-we-have-missed-moving stuff around. kiup.

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