0 Another Successful Day

Yesterday I told y'all about the successful day at the mill back in January when we picked out all the wedding fabric.

Well, I'm happy to report that I had another successful day at the mill today!

I took the day off work, headed up the road to see my folks and their new puppy (more on that later), and dragged my mom to the mill to help me find fabric to reupholster two mismatched wingback chairs that are totally messing with my living room design.

Mission accomplished! (Please excuse how raggedy I appear in this pic; the mill is a dirty, dusty place, and I've determined that looking raggedy actually adds to the odds of success.)

Of course, our day would not have been complete without a quick stop at the nearby junk shop.

I love the "used stuff" sign in the window.
We were tempted to take home this set of silver plated flatware for a whole whopping $20, but we passed on it in the end. 

There's just nothing in the world quite like a good junk shop. I guess it's a box of chocolates kind of thing.

I don't recall the Chipettes. Do you?

A good junk shop usually has something for everyone.


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